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Power Supply -Brushless (6PIN)

Model : SP-B32HL61T6

POWER SUPPLY -BRUSHLESS (6PIN) Model # SP-B32HL61T6 Model # SP-B12HL30T/C3 Output capacity Low/HI Max 1.8A ...

Power Supply -Brushless (6PIN)

Model : SP-B32HL62T/C6

POWER SUPPLY -BRUSHLESS (6PIN) Model # SP-B32HL62T/C6 Model # SP-B32HL62T/C6 Output capacity Low/HI Max 3A ...

Transducerized Smart Controller & Screwdriver

Model : SMT-C1

<iframe width="875" height="491" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> ●SUMAKE SMT-C1 smart ...

Brushless Full Auto Shut-Off Electric Screwdriver

Model : EA-BN630PH/C6,EA-BN630P/C6,EA-BN650P/C6,EA-BN630LH

♦ Innovative Brushless motor design eliminates carbon dust and low noise pollution; results in low maintenance. ♦Torque range from cover small & medium screwdrivers.Widespread and extensicely applied by ...

Brushless Full Auto Shut-off Electric Screwdriver

Model : EA-BN412PH/C6,EA-BN412P/C6,EA-BN417PH/C6,EA-BN419P

● Innovative Brushless motor design eliminates carbon dust and reduces noise and vibration     resulting in lower maintenance. ● Brushless motors allow us to build smaller screwdrivers that weigh less, run smoother, ...

Brushless DC Full Auto Shut-off Low Torque Electric Screwdriver-0.02-0.98 Nm., Lever Start Type

Model : EA-BN203LS2/CE6,EA-BN203L/CE6,EA-BN203LS1/CE6,EA-B

Brushless motor design provides shut off accuracy and increased cycle rate capability. Offering ergonomic design, grip surface, exceptional durability and good performance, suitable for hightly precise assembly taks such as Watch, ...

Brushless Lever Start Full Auto Shut-Off Electric Screwdriver

Model : EA-BN412L/CE6, EA-BN412LH/CE6,EA-BN417LH/CE6, EA-B

Features: High functional carbon brushless motor; screwdriver is long lifespan and durable, results in seldom maintenance. Optional speed 1,000rpm/700rpm can be adjusted from power supply. With CE certificate ...

Automatic Screw Feeder for Screw M1.0- M5.0

Model : SF60

●Incorporates an adjustable rail which accommodates screw thread diameters from 1.0-5.0mm.  ●A rail adjustment kit is included with the feeder to facilitate quick and easy setup. ● Easy adjustment of vibration time; ...

Brushless AC Full Auto Shut-off Electric Screwdriver

Model : ED-B625LH1/C

Assembly medium torque brushless AC level start electric screwdrivers Model #ED-B625LH1/C ...

Brushless AC Full Auto Shut-off Electric Screwdriver

Model : ED-B650L1/C

Automotive industry medium torque brushless AC electric screwdrivers for maintenance   Model #ED-B650L1/C       ...

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