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Product Name :
Model No :


Model: ECH-1000-11; ECH-2000-11

Rated Capacity:

1;000kgs(ECH-1000-11); 2;000kgs(ECH-2000-11)

Standard lift/Control cable: 3/1.5 M

Operation voltage(50/60Hz): 110V 1P

Motor power: 1.2 HP

Lifting speed:

4.2 M/min(ECH-1000-11); 1.2 M/min (ECH-2000-11)

Chain Dia./Falls No.:

7.1/1 mm (ECH-1000-11); 7.1/2 mm (ECH-2000-11)

Duty- rate(ED%): 40%

No. of starts per hour: 240

International protection: 55 IP

Insulation class: F

Net weight:

68kgs(ECH-1000-11); 74kgs(ECH-2000-11)


* Available in 3 phase/220v-660v/50Hz or 60 Hz; 1 phase/110v and 240v/50 Hz or 60 Hz.

* Low headroom design-optional load suspension eye reduces headroom even more.

* Sealed aluminum body is lightweight; compact and meets IP55 water/dust protection standard.

* Mechanical overload protection as option.

* German-made galvanized load chain for superior corrosion resistance.

* Pull-rotor motor brake provides reliable stopping even when power is disrupted.

* Secondary mechanical load brake engages instantly when operation is stopped and holds load safety.

* Dual braking systems allow use in the most demanding applications; including foundry work.

* Heavy duty class F thermal protection allows outstanding 60% Ed duty cycle.

* Short time continuous duty rating of 60 minutes.

* Contactors and pendant control rated at 360 starts per hour for the most demanding applications.

* Helical gears running in constant oil bath provide quiet operation; long duty cycle; and long life.

* Upper and lower limit switches protect hoist from damage.

* 48 volt pendant features up; down; and emergency stop buttons and is sealed for IP65 water/dust protection.

* Top and bottom hook safety latches standard.

* Bottom hook swivels 360 degree.

* Can be mounted along beam length or at right angle; allowing improved clearance near walls or ends of beams.

* Easy access to electrical components.

* CE and CSA /UL approved.

* Meets A.N.S.I B30.16 standards.

* Chain container standard.

* Custom lifts available.

* Easily converted for use with SUMAKE electric trolley.

* CE and CSA /UL approved *

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