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Universal Car Holders (For PDA, Mobile Phones, Iphone)

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Universal Car Holders (For PDA, Mobile Phones, Iphone)
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(CHMT-02) features:
1. Easy to install universal sporty tire air vent cell phone holder.
2. Compatible with all types of cell phones.
3. Easily fitted onto vehicles air vent.
4. Durable and tight fitted sponge firm grip guaranteed.
5. Spring loaded arm for automatic phone fit.
6. No screws needed and does not damage your vehicles interior.
7. Stretch out and draw back 4-7cm.
8. Optional mounting from our selected range of air vent, windshield suction mount, MIII dash board, OTH mount & desk mounts.
1. Universal phone/PDA holder.
2. (CH-04) features:
(1) Universal holder to hold your portable device vertical and horizontal mode.
(2) Compatible to hold all types of GPS and portable devices.
(3) Universal detachable slot options for airvent, dash board mount, suction mount & cup mount.
(4) One touch adjustable grip to hold different device size.

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