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3in1 Capacitive And Resistive Stylus Pens

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3in1 Capacitive And Resistive Stylus Pens
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MTP-063-A: 3in1 pen, iPad iPhone stylus pad, PDA GPS NDS stylus point and Ballpoint pen (black refills)
MTP-063-B: 3in1 pen, iPad iPhone stylus pad, Ballpoint pen (black) and Ballpoint (red or blue)
Twist the barrel to switch between PDA Stylus and Ballpoint pen
Sensitive touch pad for iPad iPhone iPod touch, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC and other capacitive touchscreen, available for type, write, draw, slide, play games and double tap zoom
Smooth POM point for PDA GPS and any resistive touch panels
Ballpoint Pen for writing. use D1 refill can get from any bookstore
Pen clip to put in your pocket / book
Anti-slide design, good to hold
High-end pen body made of cooper (brass)
Available in black, navy blue, dark blue and silver colors.
OEM order (OEM package, OEM Logo printing) is welcome very much

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