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Frame Automatic Dryers ( Automated Machines)

Model : CL-0108

1. Product name: frame automatic dryers. 2. Product No.: CL-0108.

Inch Parts of Dyeing Machines

Model : CL-0210-1

1. Inner chain is separated into 12 parts, four 1200W 40K adjustable ultrasonic machine, four filter pump. 2. Four strengthening tanks with stainless steel holders, tank plate thickness 105m/m (304). 3. Inner stainless steel sealing plate 1.2 ...

Dyeing Machines

Model : CL-0201

1. Product name: dyeing machine. 2. Product No.: CL-0201.

Four Tank Manual Cleaners (Single Frame)

Model : CL-0104

1. Product name: four-tank manual cleaner (single frame). 2. Product No.: CL-0104.

Industrial Five Tank Manual Cleaners (Single Frame)

Model : CL-0105

1. Product name: five-tank manual cleaner (single frame). 2. Product No.: CL-0105.

Industrial Six Tank Manual Cleaners (Double Frame)

Model : CL-0106-02

1. Product name: six-tank manual cleaner (double frame). 2. Reprocessing cleaner ultrasonic wave: installed in two-tank, three-tank, five-tank. 600w×3 pumps and filters installation, and chains are made of imported parts.

Industrial Standard Ultrasonic Cleaners

Model : CL-0600

Product name: standard ultrasonic cleaner.

Manual Dryers

Model : N/A

Accessories: lens for PC and acrylic.

Industrial Dryers

Model : N/A

CR-39 dryer.

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