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Company Information

Company Introduction :Neostarpack team has devoted themselves to manufacture labeler, liquid filler, tablet counter, capper, and other packaging machine since 1998. We keep innovating and researching through accumulated experiences and every cooperation opportunity. When we contact customers, we try to know their real needs and find out problems may happen in production procedure so that we can make machines meet or even exceed customer’s expectation. We also provide professional OEM service and customized machine which is break traditional limitation. Besides domestic market, we also extend business domain to over than 40 countries including America, Europe, and Australia. It’s our biggest honor to gain approval from customers worldwide.

Professional team

Outstanding team is the base of excellent quality. We pay lots of time and money to hold education& training project and reading group for employees to learn more knowledge and train their thought. They are become more creative and have a good observation. With ample experiences and skills, we believe we can make more and more outstanding machines for customers.

Innovative design, Professional manufacture.

We manufacture machine with customer-oriented design. User friendly system makes machine easy to use and maintain. Besides accumulating experiences, we also participate domestic and foreign expositions to update the newest information and

learn some advantages to be reference material. These are the reasons why we can keep competitive in the market.

Excellent Quality

Specialized departments and quality components are the key points of excellent quality. We express our cautious attitude in every step from communicating with customers, adopted SOP system in produce process, education training after consigning machine, to perfect after-care service. Components we adopted were tested repeatedly to make sure they are stable and durable. Most of our machines all conform to CE certificate and easy to maintain.
Main Products :we provide labeling machine, semi automatic benchtop wraparound, wraparound, Semi automatic tamp, SD card, high speed, vial, tamp, Tabletop round bottle, Tabletop top, wine, oil, two sides, side, Automatic top, semi-automatic, round bottle, Horizontal round bottle, Tapered bottle, automatic front and back, automatic top and bottom, high speed star wheel round bottle, square bottle, rice ball, ampoule, wine bottle, aluminum foil bag, High accuracy sd cardcommodity labeling machine, labeller, sticker, food package machine, labeling OEM service, filling machine, piston, gear pump, Peristaltic, chemical, automatic, automatic piston, automatic gear pump, automatic piton, bottle, high speed, automatic bottle, Peristaltic liquid, volume, oil, wine, Piston pump liquid, gear pump liquid, automatic over-flow liquid, tabletop pneumatic liquid, beverage, syrup, lotion, warm liquid, corrosive liquid, Corrosion resistant, cleanser, sticky liquid, perfume, thick liquid, Over flow, Pail, Net weight, liquid filler, filling line, bottle filling line, filling OEM service, Air rinser, water rinser, capping machine, screw, Semi-automatic, Tabletop, High speed rotary, round bottle, plastic bottle, automatic, wine bottle, automatic chuck, Automatic snap cap, Handheld, Benchtop, Corrosive resistant, Tabletop pump dispenser, Torque capper, capping OEM service, Automatic cap placer, Counting machine, multilane tablet, pill, rotary, Semi-automatic tablet, tabletop tablet, tabletop twin channel tablet, automatic multi channel tablet, capsule, coated tablet, transparent capsule, fish oil, tablet counter.
Business Nature :Manufacturer, OEM
Current Export Markets :Worldwide
Brand :Neostarpack

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Company Name :Neostarpack Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Alex Lee
Address :No.42, Liba St., Bade City, Taoyuan Coun
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-3-3732311
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