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Emergency Strobe Lights

Model : CAX110

1. Cax110 strobe light. 2. Dome material: polycarbonate. 3. Flash pattern: single. 4. Bulb: xenon linear. 5. Colors: amber, blue, red.

Branch Guards For CTO-15N Strobe Lights

Model : CTO15N-GUARD

Branch guard for cto-15n strobe light. 1. Good quality. 2. Protect the strobe light to against any hit from the working area.

Iron Guards

Model : CAX45-GUARD

1. Cax45-guard. 2. Branch guard special for cax45 strobe lights. 3. To protect the lights to be broken by accident hit.

Strobe Warning Lights

Model : CTO15N

1. Flash rate: 72 / minute. 2. Flash pattern: single. 3. Bulb: Xenon Linear. 4. Colors: amber, blue, red, clear. 5. Dome material: polycarbonate.

Emergency Strobe Lights

Model : CAX48

1. Dome material: polycarbonate. 2. Flash pattern: single. 3. Bulb: xenon u type. 4. Color: amber, blue, red, clear.

Double Flash Strobe Lights

Model : CAX65N

1. Cax65n double flash strobe light. 2. Dome material: polycarbonate. 3. Base: aluminum die casting. 4. Bulb: xenon m. 5. Colors: amber, blue, clear, red.

Emergency Strobe Lights

Model : CAX45

1. Multi voltage strobe light for forklifts or turcks. 2. Availible for DC12V-120V. 3. Color: amber, blue, red.

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