Shin Sanchin Farm Implement Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

In 1964, the Taiwan government implemented a new agricultural policy to increase the average income of farmers. 1998 New Products To fulfill our role in the industry, the company started to develop power sprayer and agricultural high power pump for convenience of farmers to spray medicine and water fruit trees, in order to increase the production per unit area. In 1965, many imported Japanese brands were the main stream in the market. Not long afterthe introduction of our new series of power sprayers, they were very well accepted due to their good quality and low price levels in comparison to the Japanese ones. The company's name was changed to "Shin Sanchin Fafmimplement Ltd." in 1969, specialized in manufacturing various sizes of power sprayers and pumps. Besides the success in the domestic market, we have been enjoying the markets in Japan, Middle East, USA and Europe. More than 30 years of expertise in the industry guarantees you products of excellent quality and efficiency with low malfunction rate. Contact us for a long-term cooperation.

1) Micro-adjusting handle with high sensitivity and safety.
2) Aluminum pressed formed crank shaft box is beautiful and durable.
3) Stainless air cell is rigid and durable.
4) Wide range of applications.

1) Spraying of agricultural chemicals and fertilizer on rice fields, fruit chards and vegetable crops.
2) To clean and disinfect chicken & animal coops, farms, food factories and restaurants.
3) To clean automobiles, motorcycles, fishing boats and machinery.
4) To supply water and irrigation for uplands and hillsides.
5) Pressurization of auto water-supply systems and source of water-pressure controlling valve.
6) Wetting and temperature adjusting of fine grain for paper works and yarn factories.
7) For leak prevention testing of switches, water valves, and water faucets. ...

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Company Name :Shin Sanchin Farm Implement Co., Ltd.
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