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Back in college when I used to write my essay using an outline I’d simply brainstorm, make a web connect ideas and call it an outline. Let me tell you guys, since most of us make that mistake, brainstorming is not the same as outline! An outline is a plan for your essay to organize your ideas, it is not like brainstorming where we make a bubble and put random bits of information in it. Outlining your essay means organizing your thoughts in a proper essay format so that you can execute the actual essay in a proficient way.

An outline I clear of your paragraphs, the introduction, body, and conclusion. It shows what each paragraph will contain and makes you understand what to focus and what not to. It is like a road map that helps you connect the main idea of an essay to the rest of the paragraphs. While an essay writer is always there to help you, putting in a little effort and making that outline by yourself isn’t so bad.

Outlining is important and all essay writing service first outline an essay and then write them. That is why they always provide you with an A+ essay every time! An outline will help you arrange your ideas from your research, you will be better able to comprehend the structure of the flow of information, and it will assist you to avoid missing out anything since your essay will already be in place.

Tip number 1 to write a masterful essay outline is to select the right topic. This is easier said than done. Selecting a topic may be easy but selecting one that interests you and you can write pages on is crucial. Your topic will decide the thesis statement and you would probably have to conduct some prior research before selecting the topic. Try choosing a topic that won’t bore you, because if you cannot continue writing it, your reader won’t continue reading it!

Next up is an interesting tip, after you have selected your topic decide if you want to type or write down the outline. Studies have shown that students who note down stuff using the traditional pen and paper method tend to remember things much better than those who use laptops to make notes. You can use diagrams and examples to better visualize your outline

Everyone starts with the research; they copy paste their topic in google scholar and start downloading papers. Don’t do that. Tip number 3 is finding the keywords of your topic instead, find the synonyms for the keywords and use the Boolean search to make your life easy. This will help you filter unimportant information from the important one.

Did you know you can limit your search for evidence by using keywords specific to your topic using the Boolean search? If you are searching for the best steak in New York use a Boolean modifier such as AND, OR, and NOT to limit your search to only two keywords “Steak” AND “New York”. This will give you data sources of articles that only contain these specific keywords.

List all the ideas you have gathered about the topic, sketch a future map for your paper. At this point you don’t have to go into any details, a quick brainstorming would be enough. It will help you gather information about the topic that you can polish further by expanding the information after you start the outline.

Divide essay writer ideas into categories related to different aspects of your arguments. The arguments could be based on various themes and those themes could interrelate allowing you to connect these themes together in different categories.  For example, these themes could be the three body paragraphs based on the history of the topic, the contemporary view, and paragraph 3 could be related to the possible future of the topic under discussion.

With your ideas divided into general categories now order them into connecting ideas from general to specific. For example, your topic could be about “Globalization and its impact on the mental health of people” and then your categories could lead to more specific points like how globalization affects mental health via economic, social, and political factors. This process would in turn lead you to the formation of smaller and precise sentences.

An outline just like the essay is based on three parts: the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Now that you have a clear and visible picture of everything you want to add to the outline it is time to start making the outline. The first thing is the thesis statement, which should be a debatable or arguable claim that you will discuss in your paper using empirical evidence as support. For example, for the globalization topic, the essay outline can have a thesis statement as, “Globalization has a negative causal effect on mental health through its impact on economic, social, and political factors such as urbanization, import competition, migration, and culture”.

The above statement is debatable in the sense that opponents might disagree over the negative effect of globalization on mental health. The ideas you had organized earlier can now be put into the introduction and body paragraphs. Introduction can include the hook statement, the definition in one line, a significant fact, etc.

Body paragraphs will include a topic sentence, evidence, and conclusion, a total of 3 points for each paragraph. An amazing way to outline a body paragraph like an essay writing service  is to collect evidence first and then make up the topic sentence for it. Conclude the essay by restating your thesis statement and summarizing all ideas in bullet points without introducing new ideas.




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