Enping Lesing Audio Co.,Ltd

Company Introduction

Enping Lesing Audio Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers , developing new and traditional audio products since 2007 . The company's product range includes high-performance mixing consoles , wired microphone , wireless systems , accessories etc . At the first several years , Lesing audio engaged itself to the domestic market supplying . Night clubs , studios , restaurants , bars ,whatever application is needed ," hand to us , and we get it done ." Our reputation quickly grew between customers around the provinces in China . Now Lesing Audio is expanding into international market , All of our products have been designed with the professional engineer in mind. You don't just see or hear the quality - you feel it. Lesing Audio is based on Enping City , the well-known microphone production basement . At Lesing Audio , We strive to provide you with cutting-edge audio products , along with the most competitive pricing , efficient service and speedy delivery . We invite you to browse through our extensive catalog and website , sample is always available . ...

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Company Name :Enping Lesing Audio Co.,Ltd
Contact Person :Mr. Leo
Address :Sanlian Industrial Zone
City :Enping
Province / State :Guangdong
Country :China China
Telephone :86-750-7732162
Fax :86-750-7732162