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Special Magnetic Tool Holder

Model : PH-0002

* This magnetic holder is designed for holding most pistol type tools such as Impact wrenches, Drill, Screwdriver etc. and impact sockets. * Special magnetic structure can firmly attach to ferric surface up to 15kgs. * The magnetic holder can easily hold one impact wrench, four impact sockets and other tools like screwdrivers. ...

  • Taiwan Taiwan

RAM &RBM drilling and milling tool holder


Quick Details Place of Origin: Taiwan Brand Name: CONCOX Model Number: OMV-RAM.RBM Material: Other Type: Other Coating: Other

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Extension Tool Holders

Model : TH-48, TH-49, TH-50, TH-51

Extension tool holders are used for turning or, with optional holders, for boring knurling or cutoff. Extension tool holders are available in four Sizes 5mm, 75mm;, 100mm and 125mm lengths (measured from centerline of T-bolts to extension end of holder). holders mount directly to the chucker turret and take standard 3/8" ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Single Tool Holders

Model : TH-01

The Single tool holder is mounted directly to the CHR-68 turret. The single tool holder takes one standard 10mm square tool bit. The tool holder body is made of hardened steel.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Drill And Shank Tool Holders

Model : TH-05

The hardened steel holders mount directly to eight station turret. They are used for holding drills directly or with split bushings, or for holding any of the 5/8" round shank turret tooling.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Double Tool Holder

Model : TH-02

The Double tool holder is mounted directly to the CHR-68 turret The double tool holder takes two standard 10mm square tool bits. The tool holder body is made of hardened steel.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Triple Tool Holder

Model : TH-03

The triple tool holder fits directly to the turret and is used to hold three standard 10mm square tool bits or for spacing two tools. The tool holder body is made of hardened steel.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Boring Tool Holder

Model : TH-04R, TH-04L

The boring tool holder is for direct application to the eight station turret. It is used for holding 20mm diameter boring bars, turning tools or split bushings. The body of the boring tool holder is made of hardened steel. Specify 12mm or 3/8" or 1/2" tool silde center height when ordering.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Adjustable Tool Holder

Model : TH-06

The adjustable tool holder permits setting of center drills, drills, reamers and other end-working tools to the exact center of workpiece. The holder is mounted directly to the eight station turret and holds 5/8" diameter tool shanks or bushings in a ground-finish hole. Specify 12mm or 3/8" or 1/2" tool slide center ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Square Shank Tool Holder (right/left Hand)

Model : TH-44, TH-45

This tool holder center high is 10mm, can choose Right or Left hand tool holder.

    Taiwan Taiwan

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