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Mannequin Practice Masks And Heads

Model : BBP-3 / BBP-4

1. Mask: imitating human facial feature, feels like real skin, for advanced level or professional practicing purpose. Excellent for life like practicing. 2. Head: base of mannequin practice mask, mask can be separated from head after practice.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Mannequin Jewelry Display Stand

Model : FLDJ-LND01-B

Flywell's mannequin jewelry display stand can highlight the jewelry and easily catch shoppers' attention. This mannequin jewelry holder provides a stylish backdrop, allowing you elegantly display various kinds of necklace. Our mannequin jewelry stand can match most shop decor.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Abstract Female Mannequins (Full Form)

Model : FF73/74/75- W/B

1. Made of textured fiberglass in white or black. 2. Available in three poses.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Boy Mannequins

Model : KY-719C-2 & KY-723C-2

1. Figergalss construction. 2. Fleshstone color. 3. Molded hair. 4. Make-up. 5. Round metal base connectd to sole.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Headless Male Mannequins

Model : MSM-604/604-W/605/605-W/606/606-W

1. Figergalss construction. 2. Three different poses. 3. Round metal base connectd to sole. 4. Fleshstone & white colors are available.

    Taiwan Taiwan