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Golden Member : Hooks Eye Manufacturers & Suppliers

Nal Hon Industrial Co., Ltd.

Our products including (1) ratchet buckles- extra long & middle wide ratchets, light duty ratchets. (2) cam buckles. (3) wire hooks- forged hook, forged hooks, double & single J hooks, S & claw hooks, close rave hooks, elded D rings, O rings, delta ring & locking snaps. (4) metal hooks- narrow flat hooks, twist & flat snap hook. (5) forged products- snap hooks, double ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Waynetel Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of (1) screws- chipboard, drywall, deck and deep thread screws, cross slotted truss head machines screws, indented hex/ hexagon & washer head sheet metal screws, furniture screws, self drilling screws. (2) bolts- carriage and track bolts, roofing bolts. (3) nuts- kep, flang and square nuts, conical nuts. (4) washers- flat, spring lock, and star lock washers, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Qingdao Metalent Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

Wire rope clips,shackles,hooks,eye bolts,eye nuts,Rigging Hradware,power line fittingsp,pressing parts,sheet metal process,welding process

    China China

Qingdao Bright Future I/E Co., Ltd.

shackles,mining machineries,mining chains,compacted steel wire rope,swaged wire rope,ship anchors,anchor chain and accessories,wire rope and chain fittings,marine hardware,Forestry chains

    China China
Primary member : Hooks Eye Suppliers & Manufacturers

Jia Yng Co., Ltd.

textile, female underwear ( under wear)- (1) bra- T shirt & finished bras, lace & acquard bras, printing fabric & sports bras, patent panty ( panties), seamless panties. (2) bra cup- normal & push up bra cups, swimwear & patent bra cups, gel & stretch bra cups, memory & molded ( moulded) bra cups, double layers fabric bra cups, elastic bra cups, air through bra cups. (3) ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Chang Bin Industrial Co., Ltd.

office, home ( household), kitchenware, restroom hardware- (1) small packing- blister & skin cards, clear cases (with hanging plates), display cases, square buckets (with compact board type), round buckets, brief cases. (2) riggings- bow shackle, swivel eye snap hooks, swivel (with eye & jaw type,eye + jaw type,jaw + jaw type), turnbuckle (eye + hook type,jaw + jaw ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Plaswire Weifang Limited

Plaswire Weifang Limited is the world's leading producer of high quality net curtain wire with PVC coating.Our company operates autonomously and is wholly owned by Plaswire limited of the UK. The company operates in accordance with EU standards of...

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