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Union Chen Ind., Corp.

Manufacturer of fitness equipment, electric appliances, kitchen and cookware, sports and health equipment, shiatsu massagers, health and beauty belt massagers, homedics massagers, slimming massager, massage belts, therapeutic blood circulators, dual pulsating massagers, massage chairs, home gymnastics, therapeutic blood circulators, back massagers, body massagers, electric ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Powerlife Enterprise Co., Ltd.

homedics massagers, luxury massage chairs, classical music-synchronized massage chairs, massage chairs, coin operated massage chairs, massage mattresses, shiatsu and kneading massage cushions, massage hammers, jade massage hammers, handheld massage hammers, crazy fit massagers, rechargeable breast enhancers, foot massagers & blood circulators, acupuncture foot massagers, ...

    China China

Shanghai Yinmengtaofu Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

homedics massagers, massage chairs, massagers series, vibration massagers, warm-jade massage cushions, far-infrared massagers, multifunction massagers, light-wave massagers, apple massager cushions, infrared massagers, classical massager chairs, super magnetic and electric heat therapy massager chairs, fashionable massager chairs, massager belts, warm jade massager belts, ...

    China China

Sunner Health Co., Ltd.

homedics massagers, massage chairs, massager cushions, foot massagers, massager belts, massager tapers, naprapathy massagers, saunas.

    China China

Xiamen Health Electric Co., Ltd.

homedics massagers, infeared handheld massagers, changeable handheld massagers, min massage pillows, 2 in 1 massage cushions, mix massage cushions, 4 in 1 massage cushions, neck massage pillows, massage cushions, deluxe massage chairs, deluxe massage cushions, massage chairs, air pressure massage chairs, slimming massage belts.

    China China

Shanghai KESO Body-Building Equipment Co., Ltd.

homedics massagers, deluxe multi- functional massage chairs, massage chairs, massage chairs (music), luxurious massage chairs, horse riding machines, hula chairs, scalp massagers, health care massage apparatus, body-building equipments, electronic & electrical appliances, gymnastic apparatus, sole blood circulation machines.

    China China

Shanghai Kangbo Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

homedics massagers, massage chairs, sports products, golf products, furniture hardware products, electronical products, soccer tables, billiard tables, snooker tables, air hockey tables, table tennis tables, game tables, poker tables, billiard accessories (accessory), wooden golf tees, golf gloves, golf balls, golf tee holders, divot repair tools, golf pencils, golf bags, ...

    China China

Shanghai Goodwish Furniture Co., Ltd.

homedics massagers, massage chairs, massage equipments, lift chairs, rocking chairs, Sofa Beds, massage beds, foot massages.

    China China

Fujian Yihe Electronics Co., Ltd.

homedics massagers, luxurious massage chair, intelligent massage cushion, blood circulation machine, handheld massager, kneading massage series, car cushion series, watering massager series, joint massage cushions, fat sport machine series, rolling massager series.

    China China

Shanghai Deming Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

homedics massagers, robotic massage chairs, robotic shiatsu massage chairs, vibration & heating recliners, robotic shiatsu coin massage chairs, robotic lift chairs, robotic shiatsu spa massage chairs, massage chair robotic systems.

    China China

Shanghai Rongtai Fitness Tech. Development Co., Ltd.

homedics massagers, massage chairs, deluxe message chairs, message cushions, message instruments, message products, advanced 3d massage chairs, deluxe multi-function massage chairs, keep-fit belts.

    China China