Hand Saws
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Golden Member : Hand Saw Manufacturers & Suppliers

Chan Long Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of hand saw, folding saw, pruning saw, carpentry saw, and plumbing saw. Blades are made with high-carbon steel which has been HRC to 52 degrees.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Handy-Age Industrial Co., Ltd.

Exporter of (1) air tools, CNC machine tools, metalworking machines, engraving & milling machine, drilling machines, dust collector, horizontal bandsaw, vertical bandsaws, tapping machines. (2) hand tools, clamps, cordless tools, DIY tools, gear pullers, hand power puller, lubrications, grease guns, magnetic pick up tools, multi functional tools, electronic pliers, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Yongkang Fuda Tools Co., Ltd.

swing,swing chair,hammock,rocking chair,sun bed,hanging bed,hammock bed

    China China


hand tools- hand saw, hacksaw, blades, junior saw blades, hole saws & hole cutters, bi- metal hole saws, bow saws, foldable curve pruning saw, key hole saws, double edge high carbon steel hole saws.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Yongkang City Pingda Tools Co., Ltd.

Hardware tools,agricultural tools,pruning saws,folding saws,bamboo saws,blade,hand saw,shear,bow saw,animal brush

    China China

Yongkang Ludi Tools Co., Ltd.

oil pump,tool box,grease gun coupler,grease fitting,spanner,hand saw

    China China

Zhejiang Kexin Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

scraper,plastering trowel,hand saw,bricklaying trowel

    China China

Yongkang Yunjiaolei Tools Co., Ltd.

Plane Iron,Iron Plane,Hand saw,Saw Blade,Steel Tape,Level,Chisel

    China China

Goalmac (Jiangsu) Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

hand tools,pliers,wrenches,safety,vices,power tools accessories,hammer,screwdrivers,sockets,chisels

    China China
Primary member : Hand Saw Suppliers & Manufacturers

Cheng Li Edged Tools Industrial Co., Ltd.

tools, hand tool & industrial ( industrial) tools- (1) saw blades- scroll, coping and hack saw blades, special saw blades, coping saw blades. (2) gravers- 5pcs, 6pcs & 12 pcswood carving tool sets. (3) saws, coping saws, power knifes, hand saws, saw frames.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Cabinhouse8 Co., Ltd.,

we provide timber mate wood fillers, glues accessories, pine woods, sanding accessory, sand papers, abrasive tools, scraper blade holders, 3PC cabinet scraper sets, veneering tools, J - rollers, single edge trimmers, western hand planes, chisels, brad point bits, countersink drill bits, dowel jigs, forester bits, mortising, twist drill bits, wood plug cutters, wood ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Yuyao Xingqiu Tiler And Carpenteris Tools Co., Ltd.

pruning saws, garden saws, hand saws, band saw blade and trowel knife, putty knife.

    China China

Longsharp Tools Co., Ltd.

pruning saw, the side hand saw of woodworking tools, pruning saw of garden tools, steel file and other hand tools.

    China China

Pingda Metal Product Factory

pruning saw, folding saw, hand saw, garden saw, garden shear, stainless steel tools.

    China China

I-Pu Business Co., Ltd.

hand tools including hand saw, nest of saw, tenon saw & mitre box, hole saw sets, coping saw, mini hack saw, curve pruning saw, foldable curve pruning saw, bow saw, pruner saw blade, multi-purpose scraper, utility knife.

    Others Others

Fenghua 3-Star Kitchenware Products Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Kitchenware (1) food processing equipments sausage stuffer, meat mincer ( grinders), tomato slicer, butcher tables. (2) meat grinder plates and knives. (3) professional cutlery. (3) butcher and kitchen tools plastic bone dusters, stainless steel meat hooks, stainless steel spatulas & wood handles, double handle cheese cutters, stainless steel dough scrapers, diamond ...

    China China


Chan Long Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in producing hand saws used in PVC plumbing, carpentry, interior decorating, making freight pallets and tree pruning. Blades are manufactured with high-carbon steel, which has been tested to Hardness Rockwell C (HRC) 52 degrees. The saw's teeth have undergone impulse so that it has a hardness to HRC 63 degrees and thus 3-times ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


Fret Saw Blade,Minibrics,Scroll Saw,Hand Saw,Jig Saw,Mitre Box,Woodworking Stuff

    Taiwan Taiwan


Socket Wrench Set, Tool Kit Set, Tile Cutting Tools, Pliers, Hand Saw, Garden Tools, Hand Riveter, Hammers, Purning Shea

    Taiwan Taiwan


hand saw, selecting saw, folding saw, purning saw, bow saw, key hole saw, nest saw,back saw, garden shears, park bench, stick, building tool, spray gun, etc.

    Taiwan Taiwan

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