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Golden Member : Hand Held Computer Manufacturers & Suppliers

Guangzhou Yinhe Inflatable Products Co., Ltd.

Established in 1993, Yinhe is one of the most professional manufacturers for inflatable products in China, and we own the authorization of direct imports and exports. Over one decade of experience in this field, we are offering a wide range of inflatable products, from hand held inflatable products carrying your logo, to giant castles, arches and bolloons for large venues. ...

    China China
Primary member : Hand Held Computer Suppliers & Manufacturers


casings, housings, injection molded parts for PC monitors, CPU, notebooks, PDA/ hand- held computers, keyboards, flatbed scanners, mouse, computer peripherals.

    Taiwan Taiwan


designing & manfuacturing multimedia, memory, networking, and data communication products for notebook/ laptop and hand-held computers including PCMCIA fax modem, 56K PC card modems, PCMCIA Lan card, DVD/ MPEG-2 PCMCIA decoder, PCMCIA video conferencing kit, notebook video conferencing modem + LAN + ISDN + GSM 4-IN-1 PC card, data-storage, ATA flash memory cards.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Glory Formosa Co., Ltd. & Excell Products Inc.

tape dispensers & office & industrial adhesive tapes, packaging ( package) & invisible tapes, label & stretch film dispensers, carton reducers & sealers, mailing supplies, office products & busines stationery, school supply & items, shipping tape dispensers, better dispenser pack tapes, cat tape dispensers, blade dispenser tapes, guns, grip gun hand tapes, gun shot tapes, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Union Chen Ind., Corp.

Manufacturer of fitness equipment, electric appliances, kitchen and cookware, sports and health equipment, shiatsu massagers, health and beauty belt massagers, homedics massagers, slimming massager, massage belts, therapeutic blood circulators, dual pulsating massagers, massage chairs, home gymnastics, therapeutic blood circulators, back massagers, body massagers, electric ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Jye Chuang Electronic Co., Ltd.

We provide a variety of electrical components- (1) jumpstarts- car battery chargers ( non polarity), travel chargers, universal chargers, AC power supplies, iWap multi walk powers, car jumpstarters, AC and DC inverters, power banks, auto battery jump starters, car battery boosters, power systems, auto selection outputs, and multi power sources. (2) optional accessories- PL ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Will Daith Enterprise Co., Ltd.

WILL DAITH products include shower head series, bathroom ( bath room, washroom, bath) products & accessory ( accessories)- spa shower heads, spa shower head, faucets, toilets seats, shower heads, plumbing fixtures, ceramic lavatory ( lavatories), ceramic toilets, sanitary wares, sanitary equipments, NSF approved faucets, stone, granite, shower and water filters, DIY ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Chuan Phang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

hard lifting equipment- (1) AC winch- electrical / compact / baby winches, electrical cable pullers.(2) consumer winch- electric trailer / utility duty / self recovery / electric recovery / ATV winches.(3) industrial winch- heavy duty DC / electric recovery / hydraulic recovery winches, heavy duty crane, lift cranes.(4) material hoists- single / double grooved.(5) DC ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Telepeak Technical Co., Ltd.

PC & computer peripherals- liquid crystal displays, TFT LCD monitors, car VGA, audio and video ( AV) products, handheld ( hand held ) and tablet PCs, custom LCD, in dash car televisions and monitors, integrated TV & computer monitors, stand alone ( standalone) car monitors and TVs, digital TV tuners, GPS, built in DVD players and car PC, IR remote control and touch screen ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Sy Kao Technology Co.,Ltd.

a specialist manufacturer of assorted massage chairs and massage related leisure product- massage chairs, pedicure chair, coin operated massage chairs, pedicure massage chairs, relaxing massage chairs, massage equipments, massage belts, vibrating belts, vibrational massaging fitness products, hand held massagers, exercise equipments, electronic products, leisure products & ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Beijing KWF Sci-Tech Development Co., Ltd.

automation instrument, laboratory equipment, environmental detecting instruments, ecological instrument, PH meter, conductivity meter, DO meters, gas ditector( multi-sensor), gas ditector meter ( signal sensor), soil nutrient rapid tester, soil moisture tester, soil moisture-temperature tester, multi-parameter soil moisture recorder, digital soil-hardness meter, soil ...

    China China

Shanghai Tianxun Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

metal detector manufacturers, metal detectors, walk-through metal detectors, hand held metal detectors, ground searching metal detectors, treasure hunters, police equipments, electronic anti-lost alarms, contraband detectors.

    China China

Zhejiang Mosay Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

electric vibrator, electric vibrators, angle grinders, drills, circular saws, cutting machines, concrete vibrators, hand-held power tools.

    China China

Remotec Technology Ltd.

replacement remote control, universal remote control, wireless hand-held device, wireless input devices.

    China China

Shanghai Metal Detector Manufactory.

metal detectors, hand held metal detectors, underground metal detectors, industrial metal detectors, walk-through metal detectors, mine detectors.

    China China

Hangzhou Xijiang Import & Export Co., Ltd.

professional manufacturers of (1) pet product supplies- pet strollers, cages, slicker brushes, dog/ cat combs, trim knives, nail clippers, stainless steel scissor, pet beds, strollers, pets toys, feeding bowls ( melamine/ steel), pet clothes ( clothings), pet necklaces, pet collars, pet decorations, pet foods, pet snacks, dog chews. (2)furniturings- kitchen furnitures, ...

    China China

Heron Maching & Electric Inductrial Co., Ltd.

resistance welding machines, welding machine, welding equipment, welding equipments- (1) capacitor discharge welder machines, capacitor discharge welder machine, seam welding machine, seam welding machines, spot & wire welding machines, butt welding equipments, press welding machines, multi spot ( multispot) welding machinery, linear action press welders, capacitor ...

    China China

Rain (China) Brass Shower Head Product Factory

bathroom ( bath room) hardware & accessory ( accessories)- rainfall (rain) brass Shower heads, shower head, solid brass shower heads, sunflower shower heads, brass adjustable shower heads, taps & mixers, shower sets and bars, shower nozzles, shower arms, brass shower arms, brass ceiling shower arms, handle showers, hand held ( handheld, hand-held) shower heads, SPA shower ...

    China China

Clime Electric Appliance Company

LED lamps, LED & waterproof headlamps ( head lamps), LED flashlights headlamps, halogen & xenon headlamps, headlamps, industrial work ( working) lights ( lamps), spot lights, xenon & LED headlights, flashlights, outdoor camping ( camp) LED lanterns & lights ( lightings), flasher & flashing lights, emergency lamps, torches, 1w/3w LED flashlights & high power flash lights, ...

    China China

Micon Electronic Co., Ltd.

toys/ children's games including love finder & electronic pets games, key chain lcd brick & hand held lcd games, and multi- function calculators.

    Others Others

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