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Zhejiang Kaijia workers Arts Co., Ltd.

China Hat Suppliers,Straw Hat

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Suzhou Xuancai Baike Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

Custom fabric,lining fabric,fabric lunch bags

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Guangzhou Longjun Hengtai Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd.

Clothing Fabric, blinds Fabric, sofa Fabric,

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Dongguan Yuteng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Quilting Machine, Computerized Quilting Machine, Multi-needles Quilting Machine

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Luka Life + Style

Jewelry store

    United States United States


Wholesale Clothing, Clothing Vendor

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Suzhou Xuancai Baike Textile Technology

Polyester Fabric Factory Polyester Oxford Fabric Factory Oxford Fabric Factory Wide Oxford Fabric Factory Digital Printing Blanket Manufacturers Custom Flannel Blanket

    China China

Zhejiang Taizhou Changli Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Flat Silk Brown Polyester PVC Teslin Mesh Placemat Tablecloth Outdoor Lounge Chair Brown Teslin fabric is made of pvc and polyester yarn blended, and its blending ratio is 7:3, that is, 70% pvc (plastic) and 30% high-strength polyester woven. 1. Teslin fabric has a particularly high color fastness and can not fade under high temperature exposure! 2. ...

    Barbados Barbados

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