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Taimen Foods Corporation

frozen products & seafoods- frozen crawfishes & scallops, fresh seafood, frozen products & seafood & foods, seafood foods, frozen scallops. red spot emperor fish fillets, baby octopus, barrmaundi fillets, black tiger prawns, cat fish & shrimps, crab meals & meats, cuttle fish fillets, fish meals, grouper fillets, squid tubes, king snapper & leather jacket fish fillets, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Rongcheng Hongye Industry Co., Ltd.

squid products, squid, dried & frozen scallop, dried & frozen squid ,other fish , frozen & dried shrimp, frozen breaded series, kelp roll series, fresh seafood with vinegar, series, squid series, saba series, seaweed series, ocean food for leisure, shelfish series, squid series, fish series, shrimp, seaweed series, seashell, other fish series, shelfish series.

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Processed Food & Snacks/n.e.s., Vegetarian Food, Fast Food/n.e.s.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Great Sea Global Marine Products Ltd

We, The Great Sea Global Marine Products Ltd. can offer the followingservice as :1. All kinds of seafood trading, we have the partnership fishing vesselcompany which can offer the best quality seafood.2. We manufacture the fishing vessel and expedition yacht.3. We have our own cultivation farm in Taiwan which can offer allkinds of fish farming andtraining cause, we teach ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Uni-President Dream Parks Corporation

Established in 1997, we specialising in manufacteuring frozen seafoods in Taiwan. We aim to producing quality, sanitary and safe frozen and fresh seafoods to supply to worldwide markets. We are a qualified and registered plant by governmental authorities in Taiwan. Besides, we are verified and certified plant to export USA and EU with HACCP Plant No. 7f30085. The world ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


Malu Malu International. Co. Ltd is dedicated to frozen / fresh seafood exporting and importing. Our main market is China, Japan and Europe. We are specialized in offer squid, pacific saury, mackeral and shrimp. Please feel free to contact us if interested.

    Taiwan Taiwan

V Delta

Goods, Agriculture and Seafood

    VietNam VietNam


Chilli, Ginger, Carrot, Onion, Lemon

    VietNam VietNam