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Golden Member : Fishhooks Manufacturers & Suppliers

Raoping Yong Huang Metal Products Manufactory Co., Ltd.

Raoping Yong Huang Metal Products Manufactory Co., Ltd. originally began as Raoping Yong Huang Fishery Products Manufactory. The change in name is a result of growth in both production scale and variety of product types. We currently have RMB6,000,000 in registered capital and specialize in lead products, lead alloys and fishery products. Yong Huang Metal Products ...

    China China
Primary member : Fishhooks Suppliers & Manufacturers

Lecxon Industrial Corporation

Manufacturer of fish hook, fishing tackles, sword fish hooks, swordfish hooks, fishing crotchets, fishinghooks, fishing tools, tuna hooks, fishhook manufacturing machinery.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Omoto Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.

fly fishing ( flyfishing) accessory ( accessories) and equipments- (1) fishing tools- fishing reels, outdoor fishing, trolling reels, baitcast ( bait cast) reels, fly fishing ( flyfishing) reels, spinning reels, spin reels, ice fishing, pin on ( pin-on) reels, fishing tackles, flash lights ( flashlights), fish scales, fish buckles, fishing rods, fishgrips, fishing hooks, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Chen Ye Enterprise Co.

We provide fisherman pliers, fish hook removers, wonder tools, clip on fillet boards, stainless steel crab tongs, crimp kits, scrape fish scale tools, fish & fisherman pliers, drain plugs, fishhooks, deluxe stake rod holders, fish pins, fishing tackles, ocean fishing supplies and punching machine products.

    Taiwan Taiwan


Fishing Equipment,Fish net,Fish thread,Fishhook,Float,Bar shines at night.To develop various swivels hardware parts,Hardware accessories for fishing rod,And various nets.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Chang Hung Metal Co., Ltd.

Our products base on excellent quality, competitive price,good management and after-sale service. Welcome your OEMorders of diversified fishing tackles.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Xinhe fishing tackle Co.,Ltd.

Xinhe fishing tackle Co., Ltd. is a specialized fishing tackle manufacturer with professional product line of fishhooks, fish baits, spinner baits, swim baits, crank baits, both hard and soft plactic lures,jigheads, jighooks and etc. Our annual output of...

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