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Golden Member : Chip Bead Manufacturers & Suppliers

King Core Electronic Inc.

Manufacturer of EMI chip suppressors, EMI bead cores, SMT chip inductors, common mode chokes, power chokes, dip type coil inductors, ferrite plate core EMI absorber, flat cable core, clamp core for round cables, solid core for round cables, wide band choke, other type of core, and the like.

    Taiwan Taiwan


TRIO is a Taiwanese professional Inductor manufacturer.  We have two factories in China.  One is in Dongguan; another is in Suzhou.  They are both ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certificated.  We have devoted to the inductor products for more than 16 years.  We aim to offer competitive prices and excellent products to strength your ...

  • Taiwan Taiwan

Bipolar Electrical Co., Ltd.

we provide ferrite cores, power cores, shield beads & toroide core, biund split beads & flat cables, drum & rod cores & antenna, iron powder cores, EE, EF, RM, EPC, SMD power chokes, ferrite inductors, ferrite, ceramic & SMD wound chip inductor, MF & SMD multilayer chip inductor, axial fixed & radial inductor & power choke, SMD ferrite chip bead & SMD multilayer chip bead, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Acroparts Technology Co., Ltd.

Wire Wound Chip Inductors,Toroidial Power Filters,SMD Transformers,Mutilayer Chip Beads,Mutilayer Chip Inductors,SMD Power Inductors,Mutilayer Chip Capacitors,SMD Tantalum Capacitors,SMD Aluminum Capacitors,Common Mode Choke,SMD Filters

    Taiwan Taiwan

Shenzhen Zhenhua Ferrite & Ceramic Electronics Co., Ltd.


    China China
Primary member : Chip Bead Suppliers & Manufacturers

Ferro Shield Electronics Co., Ltd.

electronic components & parts, ferrite & ceramic EMI electronic components- EMI ferrite cores, multilayer ferrite & ceramic chip beads, ferrite bead arrays, ferrite & ceramic chip inductors, power inductors, wire wound chip inductors, beads on leads ferrite, wide band chokes, power chokes, wire wound inductors, axial ferrite beads, radial ferrite beads, wind band chokes.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Gang Song Electronics Co., Ltd.

electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components- surface mounts, multilayer chip inductors, chip beads, wire wound chip inductors, RFID transponder coils, flat top air core, unshielded & shielded power inductors, common mode choke coil, SMD toroidal coil inductors, axial lead fixed inductors, radial choke inductors, THT power inductors, ferrite beads, wide bead ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


NI-ZN & MN-ZN ferrite core, smd power inductor, electrical inductor, toroidal coil, choke coil, multilayer chip inductor & bead, SMD chip bead, surface mount beads, wire wound chip inductor, unshielded & shielded smd power inductors, line filter, common mode filters, transformers, common mode choke coils, chip bead array, iron powder cores, shielded smd power chokes, air & ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Lion Electronics Ent. Co., Ltd.

inductor manufacturer, switching power supply, switch mode power supply, power transformer, SMD transformer, electronic coil, SMD inductor, power inductor, RF coils, chip inductor, current sense transformer, common mode choke, chip set, transformer and inductor, linearity, chip bead, power chodes, energy storing.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Shinn Der Electronic Co., Ltd.

electronic components- Mn-Zn ferrite core for power supply/ supplies & EMI/ RFI filter, Ni-Zn ferrite core for power inductor & EMI filter, multilayer chip bead & inductor, SMD power inductor.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Sin Yin Technology Co., Ltd.

electronics ( electrical, electric) components, electronic component & pars- passive & activity components- MLCC, multilayer chip type ceramic capacitors, LED lamp, LED lamps, LED dot matrix display, high power LED lamps, surface mount & leaded, resistors ( resisters), array, chips capacitors, inductors & beads, multilayer ferrite inductor, choke coil inductor, ferrite ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Easy Magent Corp.

electronic ( electric, electrical) components & parts- (1) unshielded & shielded power inductors- SD & DRS power inductors, LQ & LQS power inductors, SDRP & SDRD power inductor, SC & ST & BU ( balun transformers) power inductors, radial inductors, power inductor, DIP & ET power inductors, surface mount shielded & chip inductors, low & high current SMT power inductors, low ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Dial Tech Science Co., Ltd.

Our main products including (1) electrical transformers- electrical power transformers, electrical potential and high voltage SMD transformers, switching mode, PZT ( Piezo) transformers, power ER type transformers, converter and inverter type transformers, toroidal and switch transformers. (2) inductors- air coil inductors, electrical inductors, toroidal inductors, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

E Core Corporation

E CORE EMI, cores, MN - ZN/ NI - ZN/ T/ STP/ SMD- DR ferrite cores, BF(R), BF(Z), BF( U ), CP, RHW, RWW, SMD- DR( SV ), RI, printed circuits/ surface mount/ tapping/ wound/ shield beads, drum/ rod/ baalun/ round cable EMI cores, connector suppressors, ferrite core, antenna bar, flat cable, EMI/ EE ER eel EI/ EP EER/ EFD EPC/ RM/ EE EU UI/ UU URS/ pot cut cores, chip ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Honey Hope Honesty Enterprise Co., Ltd.

electronic components- ceramic capacitors, NTC thermistors, ferrite chip beads, chip EMI beads, chip inductors, ferrite chip beads, wound chip inductor.

    Others Others

Magic Techonlogy Co., Ltd.

multilayer chip beads/ inductors, multilayer chip beads arrays, ceramic cores, srface mount beads, line filters, choke coils, common chokes, SMD power inductors, flux cores, iron cores, EMI cores etc..

    Others Others

Hold Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.

electronic components including multilayer chip beads, multilayer chip inductors, EMI suppressors, split ferrites for round cables, flat cable ferrites series, multi- aperture cores, lead- wire beads, iron powder dust cores, multiline supressor components.

    Others Others

Tecstar Technology Co.,Ltd

One of the major manufactures of multilayer chip beads and multilayer chip inductors in Taiwan today.We devote ourselves to manufcture the state-of-art EMI products to meet the development of electronic technologies and communications industries.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Housing Technology Corp.

Chip Inductors,Wound Inductors Chip Beads,Wound Beads,Shield Beads

    Taiwan Taiwan

Max Echo Technology Corporation

Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads; High Current Ferrite Chip Beads; Multilayer Ferrite Chip Inductor & High Frequency Use Chip Inductors

    Taiwan Taiwan

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