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SHYH SING ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is the company which specializes in R&D. manufacture, production and sale of personal defense and police security system products, including multi-functional stun gun, bulletproof vest, bulletproof Equipment, metal detector, multi-alarm, pepper sprayer, multi-functional sprayer, reflective vest, flash baton, extendable baton, anti-riot flash, ...

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Jiangsu Wuwei Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu WuWei Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a Designated Manufacturer for the Ministry of Public Security of CHINA, ISO9001:2008, ISO1401:2004 qualified. Wuwei covers more than 33,000 sqm, with more than 27,000 sqm building area of workshops. Our main products: bulletproof vests, stab proof vests, tactical vests, PE Bullet proof helmet, ...

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Wenzhou Sunsion Outdoor Equipments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Military Bag,Military Belt,Ballistic Vest,Military Backpack,Police Belt,Military Sleeping Bag,Military Pouch,Flight Suit,Fire Suit,Flame Retardant Coverall

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Shanghai Haojiate Special Fibre Co., Ltd.

Cellulose acetate granule,Cellulose acetate screwdriver handle,bulletproof plate,flack jacket,bulletproof jacket

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Jiangsu Linry New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

bullet proof vest,bullet proof helmet,bullet proof plate,floating ballistic vest,stab proof vest,stab proof vest with bullet resistance,bomb suit,bomb blanket,aramid fiber composite,UHMWPE fiber composite

    China China

Jiangxi Jianlei Technology Industrial Limited Company

Collection helmet,body armor,Steel Plank,Anti Riot Helmet,Anti Stab Vest,ceramic plank,kevlar vest,prison guard vest,riot vest,personal protection

    China China

Hainan Xinxing Import & Export Co., Ltd.

military clothing,combat suit,M65,desert boot,military helmet,military belt,sleeping bag,backpack,anti-riot equipment,poncho

    China China

Jingjiang Jinying Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Anti-riot shield,Police batons,Handcuffs

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Tianjin Suiqiao Security Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Suiqiao Security Electronics Co., Ltd., approved by Ministry of Public Security, P.R.C, is a fixed-point enterprise manufacturing all kinds of public security products and police-use products with the production license verified and issued by the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau. We are also the member unit of China Security and Protection Products Industry ...

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Ningbo Dacheng Advanced Material Co., Ltd.

woring glove,HPP fiber,colored fibre,UD fabric,mooring rope

    China China

Shandong Sanda Scientific And Technological Development Corporation

Shandong Sanda Scientific and Technological Development Corporation is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in research, development, and manufacture of high-performance composite materials, such as advanced resin matrixed composite, public security purpose protective products, high-performance rubber, functional polymer materials and engineering plastics. With over 40 ...

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China Xinxing Xiamen Import & Export Corporation

military uniform,anti riot suit,police shield,camouflage net,military vehicles,army belt,military backpack,sleeping bag,tactical vest,army T-shirt

    China China

Beijing Trueguard Co., Ltd.

Holsters,Duty Belts,Cases and Holders,Bulletproof Vest,Tactical Glove,Footwear,Apparel and Uniforms,Knives,Equipment Bags,EOD robot

    China China

Jiangxi Great Wall Protection Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.

bulletproof helmet,bulletproof vest,stab-proof vest,anti-riot helmet,bulletproof plates,safety helmet,tactical vest,military helmet,protection helmet,disposable sauna suit

    China China

China Xinxing Import & Export Corp.

camouflage fabric,military boots,officer shoes,bulletproof vest,bulletproof helmet

    China China

Hubei Liheng Co., Ltd.

tactical vest,bulletproof vest,camouflage uniform,army boots,tactical gear,belt,shoes,beret,bdu,acu

    China China

Rui'an Ganyu Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

anti riot shield,bulletproof vest,anti riot helmet,multifunctional belt,tactical vest,sab resistant clothing,tofa baton,body armor,knee and elbow protector,legshin protector

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Nanjing Beauty And Health Biotechnology Company Limited

dyneema net,cut resistant UHMWPE yarn,carbon fiber,anti-stab fabric,Bulletproof plate,Bulletproof helmet,Bulletproof vest,Bulletprof Jacket,dental product,dental equipment

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