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Yi Comm International Inc.

electrical cable, SB cables, SCSI cables, category 5 patch cables, audio cables, audio cable, electrical video cable, IEEE 1394 cables, IEEE 1284 cables, extension cables, electrical keyboard cables, monitor cables, SVGA cables, BNC cables, power cords, phone cord, computer adapters, USB adapters, gender changers, computer connectors, electrical connectors, SCSI ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


Round Teck International Company, is a manufacturer of quality Audio Cable, Video Cable, and Specialty Wire / Conductor, sleeve, battery terminal and a supplier of many standard connectivity products. The company has satisfied customers over the years by focusing on the quality of our product and the timeliness of our delivery. We have assembled Millions of cables over ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

China Electronics Zhejiang Company

Founded in november 1985, China Electronics Zhejiang Company is a state owned foreign trade company specializing in electronic goods including coaxial cable, catv cable, rf cable, LAN cable, patch cord, telephone cable, alarm cable, audio and video cable, electrical cable, catv equipment, splitter, tap, connector, speaker, woofer, professional audio, amplifer, antenna, ...

    China China

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