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ACCUT Machinery Co.,Ltd has a rich history of more than 30 years,starting from manufacturing of HP vessels,boiler drums and hydraulic presses.Since 1980's,the group has started and focused on manufacturing and building of vertical lathes,boring machines,plano-miller and other machines & equipments.With decades of development,the group has established a compound company organization of products design,development,manufacturing,domestic and overseas sales etc.

With years of development and to meet the increasing demand in the markets,in year 2009,the group expanded one of its manufacturing divisions into a new 80,000 sqm area and built up a modern workshop of 25m height,30m transverse width per row with 150 tons overhead cranes.The new workshop was built as per modern production process to meet various needs for building large scale vertical lathes upto 16,000mm.The expansion prompts the group to be one of the largest VTL manufacturers.The VTL division can produce around 150 sets annually.At the meantime,the boring machine division had acquired a new land of 65,000 sqm beyond its original 60,000 sqm occupation.Construction has started in year 2012 and it is expected that the new building will complete by end of 2013.The group has a turnover of around 65 million US dollars in year 2011.

Main products and business:
1.Vertical Lathes (VTL)
2.Boring Machines
3.Gantry Milling Machines & Grinding Machines
4.Special Machines & Equipments
5.Industrial Trading

ACCUT has a staff of more than 320 with 50 of which are experts in production, design and marketing. They have worked in the same industries for decades with rich experience of production management and designing. The domestic and overseas sales teams are also well trained to provide professional support for pre-sales and after-sales communication with the customers.

Introducing high precision manufacturing facilities, big capacity material handling equipments and adoption of strict assembly control with rigorous inspection always guarantee the perfect completion of the machines. Dozens of big machining equipments are introduced for machining, ie. 26m flooring boring machines, gantry milling machines, 7m turning lathes, 80mm dia. drilling machines, 24m guideways grinding machines, 6m surface grinding machine, VSR unit, 200 kW x 24m high-frequency induction hardening machine, EDMs, etc as well as precision testing devices, like RENISHAW laser interferometer, hardness testing device, granite cubes, granite straight edges and so on. The group continues updating its quality by introducing the latest technology, strict quality control as well as quality components and enhanced workmanships.

ACCUT has boosted its fame and established a reputation for its quality products with strict quality control and prompt after-sale services. The group has widened its explosion in exhibitions, industrial magazines as well as other media. It has participated into various international machine tool exhibitions, ie. SIMTOS, Korea, MECHANICA, Brazil, FIMAQH, Argentina and so on to enhance the communication with the local dealers and customers. A wide sales network has gradually been established with sales into USA, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Netherland, Hungry and others countries and regions.

ACCUT is looking forward to supplying you with the best solutions for heavy duty and high accuracy machining and will be always striving to build a wider and better future by joining hands with its supplier,agents and customers! ...

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