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Non Nozzle Type Mini Vacuum Sealer

Model : WVM-305 WVM-405

WVM系列 WVM-405非噴嘴型迷你真空封口機(WVM系列) 微型噴嘴非真空封口機是不銹鋼建設取得, 保持新鮮,並保留更長的無冰櫃。 店裡的服裝免費香水, 商用級真空封口機具有超大聚四氟乙烯酒吧密封袋可達300〜400毫米雙活塞將其真空泵,可以保持食物比傳統的方法長5-6倍。 使用方便,明亮的LED燈讓您的顯示器密封的階段。 配有看到得來速丙烯酸真空蓋完美對齊袋封口的同時, 它配備了風扇冷卻電機適合Channelled(浮雕)扣板真空袋。 規範 模型 WVM-305 WVM-405 ...

Foot Type Impulse Sealer (Side Feed)

WN-280 WN-280 Side Foot sealer (WN-280) WN-280 Foot sealer with alum. casting, is ideal for sealing plastic bags. Side feed sealing type. By foot control, it is easier for user to operate machine by hands and get an excellent and perfect seal. ...

Band Sealer for Medical Bags

WTC-200 Medical Band sealer (WTC-200) WTC-200 Band sealer is made in metal construction electrostatic painted and equipped with Temperature control. It comes with a conveyor for continuous sealing. Including a counting device , which can count ...

Band Sealing Machine

SY-M905 (SY-M905) Sealing Head height is fixed, Conveyor Height is adjustable. Applications for foods, chemicals, and Hardware parts. Infinitely variable conveyor belt speed. Vertical model: ideal for sealing liquid, powder, grit, hardware ...

Hand Type Date Coding Machine

DH-8D Series Hand Type Date Coding Machine (DH-8D Series) DH-8D is a table top model equipped with a hand activation bar on the right side. It's capable of 3 lines imprinting, and each line can hold 9 characters, printing MFG, EXP. LOT. ...etc. ...

Shrink Packing Machine - Mini

CN-A, AL Series CN-4015A Shrink Packing Machine-mini (CN-A, AL Series) CN-4015/4520 is ideal for PVC shrink Film. It is equipped with an adjustable speed conveyor and 2 temperature controllers for upper and lower heaters. The tunnel is heated 4 ...

Heat Seal Tester

HST3010D Heat Seal Tester is used for testing heat sealing condition of film case of polymer batteries by controlling temperature, time and pressure. The temperature is adjustable from 50 to 300 °C, 0.3 to 3 kg/cm² of pressure and 0.1 ...

AB Series

AB Series Nylon Channelled (Embossed) Bags (AB Series) Nylon Channelled (Embossed) Bags are special for Non-Nozzle Type vacuum sealer. Embossed lines for vacuum. Can make different sizes for need. vacuum Packing Machine & Nozzle Type ...

Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer

Model : ASV-001

ASV-001 is compact vacuum sealer with Nozzle. Sealing width: 4mm. Comes with a liquid collector so that Can vacuum liquid & powder. vacuum capacity: > 70% Available bag: any vacuum bag

Nitrogen Extrusion Sealer

Model : VG-455 VG-605

Wu-Hsing made Nitrogen Extrusion sealer is for air flushing into the vacuum bag. Such as O2, Nitrogen... Ideal for seaweed, fish slices to keep the food brittleness. Air control-Press the Foot Switch, vacuum & sealing will be finished. ...

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