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MRI (Micro Raman Identify)

MRI is a research-grade system dedicated for a wide application range. The user with different backgrounds will find it suitable for chemical and spectroscopic analysis. Samples in various formats, such as solid, liquid, powder, thin film, paste and gel can all be measured with this compact system. The core technology of MRI provides a minimized design. The small size of MRI could be carried by a suitcase which makes the system very flexible to record Raman spectra either inside a laboratory or in the field.

To fit Raman Spectroscopy latest challenges, MRI could set up vertical or horizontal orientation as MRI is only 4kg also samples could be measured with or without microscope body. One-piece design with precision optical set-up provides high sensitivity and high performance of system. 

*Ultrasteep Rayleigh Blocking
MRI allow to see the weakest signal closer to the laser line, especially for Raman spectroscopy application. MRI provide very steep transitions from 90cm-1 @ 532nm.

*MountQic Demountable Laser
MRI provide and efficient free space laser design. According to Raman application MRI provide laser kits from VIS to NIR.

*Double-mode Laser Power Adjustment
MRI provide dual mode for laser power adjustment, which can adjust laser output power by RAMSpec software panel or the attenuate knob on main MRI body.

*Built-in Goggle Design
For safety MRI attenuates the laser output power automatically under view mode during sample observation.

*Sample Observation Interface
MRI with 9M pixels image camera and 3W LED illuminator, which offers a high performance digital imaging. Also RAMSpec could measure sample length & size.

*Heating / Cooling Accessory
MRI could add an optional cooling or heating stage.
-Temperature Range: 8K~450K
-Temperature Range: ~77K
-Heating Stage: Up to 1,000K

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