Superb Carbide Band Saw

Product Name :
Superb Carbide Band Saw
Model No :


Model S5

Cutting Capacity

560 mm
■  560×560 mm
Saw Blade Speed 10 - 150 M/min.
Size 7800×67×1.6 mm
Tension Hydraulic
Motors Saw Blade 20 HP (15 kw)
Hydraulic 5 HP (3.7 kw)
1 HP (0.75 kw)
Wire Brush 90 W
Pressure Washing
1.5 HP (1.125 kw)
Chip Conveyor 1/4 HP (0.187 kw)
Bar Feed 1.3 kw
Blade Feed 2.0 kw
Tank Hydraulic 130 L (34 gal)
Coolant 300 L (79 gal)
Bed Height 720 mm (28.3")

3800 L×2260 W×2440 H mm


Net Weight 9500 kg
☆For technical demand, product specifications and equipment accessories are subject to change without notice.

Standard Equipment&Accessories:

1 Variable blade speed controlled by high efficient inverter
2 Servo controlled automatic feed system
3 Laser controlled blade approach
4 Vise collocate ligh sensor to capture meterial length
5 Vise collocate linear decoder to capture meterial width
6 Contactless band deviation monitor
7 Hydraulic blade tension
8 Blade breakage detector and shutoff
9 Full computer numerical control
10  Cutting database included 300 different materials
11 Hydraulic clamp adjustable carbide insert
12 Roller feed table
13 High efficient pressure washer of band cleaning and chip removing
14 Multiple design of anti-vibration structure
15 High efficient spiral and track style chip conveyors


Hydraulic anti-vibration roller guide

17 Variable brush speed controlled by inverter
18 Entire machine uses roller type linear guide
19 Fore-and-aft shift capability for both front and rear vise
20 Rotary control board with 10.4 inch Human machine interface
21 CE-certificated full-boxed cover
22 High quality NORD Motor
23 2-meter roller stand
24 Tool box

Optional Equipment

1 Powered roller stand
2 Variable vise pressure

Electrical control options

1 QR Code scan system
2 Cutting data output
3 Remote data reading connection
4 Database connection
5 Production automation connection

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