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eYc FGM04 Gear Flow Meter

Model : eYc FGM04

High Accuracy Measurement of Various Viscosity Liquids ● The FGM04 series of positive displacement flow meters have 8 measuring ranges from 0.006 ... 1L/min through 4.0 ... 450L/min ● Optional pickoffs for pulse output, ...

eYc FFM04 Industry grade high accuracy Turbine Flow meter

Model : eYcFFM04

● Bearable high-pressure, high-temperature and low-temperature ● Low pressure loss, low power consumption ● Fast response time ● High repeatability and accuracy ● Resistant to contamination and ...

eYc FTS14 Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTS14

● Temperature compensation, linear adjustment function ● Switching analogue output by dip switch ● Off set function by button

eYc AFMS-160 S-type Pitot tube

Model : eYc AFMS-160

High temperature resistance, Corrosion resistant, Anti-clogging, Data convert to flow rate quickly .Stainless steel, high temperature, corrosion resistant .Large, open tip design resists fouling .Can be used in harsh environments, exhaust gas ...

eYc FTS84/85 Digital Thermo Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTS84FTS85

.Capable of temperature compensation and linear adjustment .Double line character : air velocity & temperature .Switch for physical quantity:[m/s]、[ft/s]、[km/h]、[mph]、[knot] .RS-485 Communication interface, Modbus RTU ...

eYc FTE120 OEM Hot Wire Air Velocity Transmitter (duct type)

Model : eYc FTE120

The best choice for wind speed / flow monitoring eYc FTE120 Hot wire anemometer speed transmitter, RT D platinum resistance, low errorrate, high stability, reaction quality.PC fire-rated polished plastic material casi ng, coloris easy to ...

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