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eYc FTM84/85 Industrial grade high accuracy thermo air velocity transmitter

Model : eYc FTM84FTM85

● IP65 protection degree, rugged aluminum case, fit in variety harsh environment ● Capable of temperature compensation ● Llinear adjustment air velocity by computer, analogue output or option RS-485 ● High-speed, high-precision ...

eYc FTM06 Hot wire thermal air velocity transmitter

Model : eYc FTM06

Micro-corrosion air measurement.  Strong housing with analog and RS-485 output. FTM06 is based on thermodynamic principle,  there are 2 temperature sensors inside the probe: one for  temperature measurement, the other ...

eYc FTC04 Hot Wire Thermal Flow Switch

Model : eYc FTC04

Strong, wide measurement range, flexible for water, oil and gas measurement Based on thermodynamic principle, FTC04 features 2 temperature sensors inside the probe: one for medium temperature, the other one is heated a few ...

eYc FUM05B Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Model : eYc FUM05B

Achieve Precision Flow Measurement & FUM05B Process Control . No need to cut off water , no pressure loss . Connect clamp on temperature , transducer , can finish the heat / energy measurement . Easy for ...

eYc FTS34/35 Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTS34FTS35

● Linear adjustment function ● Switch for physical quantity:[m/s]、[ft/s]、[km/h]、[mph]、[knot] ● Option  RS-485 Communication Interface, Modbus RTU protocol ● Configuration measuring rage, analog output, station number by dip switch ...

eYc AFMT Average Flow Measuring Tube ( Pitot tube )

Model : eYc AFMT

AFMT and differential pressure transmitter are often being used in the measurement of flow. With several pressure detecting holes on the AFMT, we can get the average of the flow inside the duct  and improve the problem happened in the ...

eYc FPC04 Flow Switch-Piston Type

Model : eYc FPC04

Mechanical flow switch for liquid or gaseous media,with spring-supported piston and magnetic triggering of a reed switch. Rugged design in plastic or brass.

eYc FCM06 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Model : eYc FCM06

.DSP transmitter with superior accuracy 0.1% .20:1 turndown ratio .5 to 8 calibration points .Mass flow, density, temperature and volume flow can be measured at the same time .Improved startup and availability with simple commissioning and ...

eYc FGM04 Gear Flow Meter

Model : eYc FGM04

High Accuracy Measurement of Various Viscosity Liquids ● The FGM04 series of positive displacement flow meters have 8 measuring ranges from 0.006 ... 1L/min through 4.0 ... 450L/min ● Optional pickoffs for pulse output, ...

eYc FFM04 Industry grade high accuracy Turbine Flow meter

Model : eYcFFM04

● Bearable high-pressure, high-temperature and low-temperature ● Low pressure loss, low power consumption ● Fast response time ● High repeatability and accuracy ● Resistant to contamination and ...

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