LOCKXING GROUP--Chuang Tang Bag Enterprise Ltd.

Company Introduction

Our Company History LOCKXING GROUP---Chuang Tang Bag Enterprise was founded in 1998. The company first started selling bags in retail markets until 2003. Then, we built our own factory in Guangzhou, mainland China, in order to handle our expanding business. Customers worldwide now rely on us to provide them with quality bags for their markets. 100% Recycled PET Bottle Bag& Environmentally Friendly bags Effectively minimize litters, we let recycled PET Bottles be collected to manufacture 100% Reclycled PET bags. New Life for PET Bottles Using 100% Recycled PET bottles Fabric, we are working on giving the bottles second lives and turning them into something useful & environmentally friendy.   OEM/ODM Services Our core business is focused on manufacturing OEM/ODM bags. Due to our longstanding retail experience, we can meet our client's needs. We are always able to fully satisfy our customers by offering the most competitive prices with the highest quality and service. And our competitive advantages stem from our manufacturing technology, material quality and efficient services in all kinds of backpacks, hand bags, shopping bags, cosmetic bags and thermal/ice bags. No matter what your requirements are, we have the resources available to provide you with the best solution. Let's promote the Green Consumption. Join us now & Contact us today. Visit US NOW: www.citybag.us ...

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Company Name :LOCKXING GROUP--Chuang Tang Bag Enterprise Ltd.
Contact Person : Nadia Chen
Address :NO.132 Fude 1st Rd. Lingya District, Kao
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-7-7272902
Fax :886-7-7252318