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eYc DPM02 Multifunction Signal Display Monitor

Model : eYc-DPM02

● Measuring input type : DC current / DC voltage ● More output type ─ analogue output / relay / RS-485 ● Extraction of square root ─ input : voltage, current ● Option RS-485 communication function can do 10-point linear ...

eYc SD03 Integrated Indicator Transmitter Series

Model : eYc SD03

Industrial-grade Metal Meter Can be connected to a 2-wire transmitter / Anti-interference Design / Multiple Input Type .Multiple input types:    Temperature,Pressure, Differential Pressure, Flow,, etc. .2-wire loop ...

eYc SD06-T Industrial Grade Integrated Indicator Temperature Transmitter

Model : eYc SD06-T

High-performance Integrated Indicator Transmitter with Anti-interference Design .2-wire loop design .Anti-interference design .Protection rating : IP67 .Suitable for industrial environments .5-digit backlight display .Button layout ...

eYc DPT02 Signal Converter

Model : eYc DPT02

Local display, easy keypad programming the signal output and scale, led for working status. ● Measuring input type:DC Current / DC Voltage  ● More output type:Analog output / RS-485 / Relay / 2 Channel output  ● 20-Point linear ...

eYc SD05 Integrated Signal Indicator

Model : eYc SD05

● LED ● 2-wire signal loop ● Input:4~20mA ● Connector:DIN43650N/M12 ● Max. 330° turnable eYc SD05 Display value setting

PR 5333A 2-wire Programmable Transmitter

Model : PR 5333A

RTD or Ohm input High measurement accuracy 3-wire connection Programmable sensor error value For DIN form B sensor head mounting     Application Linearized temperature measurement ...

PR 4114 Universal Transmitter

Model : PR 4114

Input for RTD, TC, Ohm, potentiometer, mA and V 2-wire supply > 16 V FM-approved for installation in Div. 2 Output for current and voltage Universal AC or DC supply     Advanced ...

PR 3108 Isolated repeater/splitter

Model : PR 3108

Isolation and conversion of current signals Slimline housing of 6 mm Response time <7 ms Splitter function: 1 in - 2 out Simple - no setup needed     Application Isolation and ...

Huba 801 Digital indicating devices

Model : Huba 801

Independent of the mounting position of the sensor, the display can be rotated to give the ideal reading position. The 801 has a 3 digit liquid-crystal display which is adjustable by the customer, or available factory set.

PR 5104B Ex Repeater / Power Supply

Model : PR 5104B

1- or 2-channel version 3- / 5-port 3.75 kVAC galvanic isolation Loop supply > 17.1 V in hazardous area 20 programmable measurement ranges Universal supply by AC or DC     Application ...

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