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eYc RTD/TC series

Model : eYc RTD/TC series

Product introduction Thermocouple (T/C):A thermocouple consists of two wires, each made of a different metal material, and welded together at the ends. When this welding point (Measurement connection point) is heated, a thermal current movement ...

eYc THS17 Temperature and Humidity Transmitter (Digital / Analog)

Model : eYc THS17

eYc THS17, Digital Temperature & Humidity Transmitter, which is probe type to monitor temperature and humidity【2 in 1】, provides plastic or metal case.  Embedded semiconductor MEMS sensor that is the reason of THS17 has ...

eYc FTC04 Hot Wire Thermal Flow Switch

Model : eYc FTC04

Strong, wide measurement range, flexible for water, oil and gas measurement Based on thermodynamic principle, FTC04 features 2 temperature sensors inside the probe: one for medium temperature, the other one is heated a ...

eYc THS07 Industrial Grade Temperature & Humidity Transmitter for Probe Type

Model : eYc THS07

● Compact design and easy to install ● An economical choice, high C/P ratio ● Industrial class sensor comes with high accuracy and long-term stability More potential product articles, welcome to visit the link below

eYc SPD4/5/7/9 PID Process Controller

Model : eYc SPD4SPD5SPD7SPD9

● LED ● Size:4 kinds ● Dispaly:-1999 ... 9999 ● Input:Thermocouple/resistance bulb/Voltage/Current ● Output:Relay/SSR/analog signal/RS485

eYc TP04-S RTD Temperature sensor

Model : eYc TP04-S

.Monitoring for long-distance temperature signal transmission .For process in agriculture, green house, water power and electricity .For industries in heating, air conditioning , refrigeration .Machinery manufacturing, storage tank, ...

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