eYc THS13/14 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter Indoor / Duct

Product Name :
eYc THS13/14 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter Indoor / Duct
Model No :
eYc THS13THS14
● Compact design, good look and easy to install.
● An economical choice, high C/P ratio.
● High-Tech sensor component with high accuracy and long-term stability.

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Measuring Range
Temperature:0 ... 50°C
Humidity:0 ... 100%RH
Accuracy(at 25°C)
Temperature:±0.3°C+0.002°C x t actual
Humidity:±3%RH(20 ... 80%)
Temperature Influence:0.2%RH / ℃
Output:4 ... 20 mA
Signal Connection : 2-wire
Load Resistance:2-wire current:<(V-10) / 0.02≦500 Ω
Output calibration (ZERO) adjustment range:10% of zero-point and full-range
Power Supply:2-wire:DC 11 ... 35 V
IP Rating : IP54(Sensor:IP20)

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Monitoring for HVAC process / Air conditioning / Environmental ventilation control / Environmental monitoring for building / Factory / Clean room / Lab. / Monitoring for storeroom / Crisper / Agriculture / Food industry

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