eYc THM06 Industrial Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

Product Name :
eYc THM06 Industrial Temperature and Humidity Transmitter
Model No :
eYc THM06

Adaptation to high temperature and high humidity conditions or harsh environments such as chemical pollution & condensation

● IP67, Stainless steel SUS304, Pressure resistance 16 bar
● 330° rotatable, lightweight, unrestricted installation
● Optional on-site real-time display
● Process temperature up to 180°C, custom up to 200°C (Optional)
● Output:Analog / RS-485
● Wide measurement range, Temp. : -40 ... +180°C, Humidity : 0 ... 100%RH
● Measuring parameter:relative humidity, dew point temperature, frost point temperature, wet bulb temperature, water vapor partial pressure, mixing ratio, absolute humidity and enthalpy.

THM06 has a sturdy outer housing and a wide range of applications. It is also suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions.
Capacitive sensor, high accuracy of temperature, and humidity measurement, fast response, fast recovery after condensation.
It is stability even in long-term high humidity, also it has temperature compensation and computer linear calibration temperature and humidity function, suitable for industrial process gas supply or consumption, compressed dry air flow, and consumption monitoring.

Each physical quantity measuring range is calculated by converting the temperature and humidity of the product. The values are for reference only.
Signal type : Capacitive humidity sensor & Pt100
Temperature range : -40°C ... +180°C, Customized up to 200°C (Optional)
Humidity range : 0 ... 100%RH (non-condensing)
(Please refer tophysical quantity measuring range list)

Signal : 4 ... 20 mA / 0 ... 10 V / RS-485
Signal connection : 3-wire
Temperature : ±0.15°C+0.002°C x tactual
Humidity (0 ... 90%) : Nonlinear error:±1.2%RH, Hysteresis error:±0.8%RH, Repeatability error:±0.4%RH
Humidity (90 ... 100%) : ±2%RH
Reaction time t90 (at +25°C) : <20 sec (S.S. metal grid filter with mesh), <30 sec (Sintered filter)
Load resistance : Current output:≦ 500 Ω, Voltage output:≧ 100 KΩ

Power supply : DC 24 V±10%
Current consumption : DC 24 V:60 mA
Electrical connections : M12 metal connector

Medium : Air, or medium compatible with stainless steel
Temp. Operating : -20 ... +60°C (Body);-40 ... +180°C (Probe)
Humid. Operating : 0 ... 90%RH (Body, non-condensing)
Probe pressure : 16 bar
Storage temperature : -20 ... +60°C

Installation : Metal connector

IP rating : IP67
Electrical protection : ■Polarity reversal protection ■Over-voltage ■Short-circuit

Housing : SUS304
Weight : Metal:318 g (without wire)

*Please make sure the product and the device which connect with RS-485 are on common ground, avoid damaged product.

The specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice and any user of said specifications should verify from the manufacturer that the specifications are currently in effect.
Otherwise, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the use of specifications which may have been changed and are no longer in effect.

Semiconductor / Electronics / Steel industry / Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology industry / Tobacco industry / Industrial process control (drying or humidification) / Environmentally controlled / High humidity storage / Food

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