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eYc FTS140 Hot Wire Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTS140

Using Mass flow principle A better choice for HVAC engineering     Hot wire mass flow transmitter IP rating:IP54 Linear adjustment function Switching analog output by dip switch Off set function by button The ...

eYc THS130/140 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter for Indoor / Duct type

Model : eYc THS130THS140

● Excellent long-term stable ability ● Cost-effective and accurate measurement ● Outstanding long-term performance ● Voltage or current outputs More potential product articles, welcome to visit the link below

eYc THR23 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter for indoor

Model : eYc THR23

● Measuring temperature and humidity ● Analog outputs and RS-485 ● Optional analogue output+RS-485 ● Quick easy installation and maintenance due to well designed ● Cost-efficient and reliable ● Data can be logged and transferred to PC via RS-485 ...

eYc THR03 Indoor Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

Model : eYc THR03

● Continuously detect temperature and humidity data in indoor air quality ● Quickly real-time data monitoring and LCD display ● MEMS sensor for monitoring, long-term stability, response time quickly of measuring ● Anti-condensation and ...

eYc FTM06D Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter

Model : eYc FTM06D

Thermal mass flow sensor Can measure air velocity and air volume Analog / RS-485 / Impulse output Built-in temperature compensation, accurate measurement Using constant temperature anemometer(CTA) technology, good ...

eYc PMD33 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Model : eYc PMD33

● Silicon chips on Differential Pressure Module of MEMS integration technology ● Off set function by bottom / UI software ● Low-pressure monitoring, high pressure bearable ● Option RS-485 communication interface, Modbus RTU protocol ● DIP ...

eYc FTM94/95 Industrial Grade High Accuracy Thermal Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTM94FTM95

IP67 Rugged stainless steel case, fit in variety harsh environment Easy to install, imported sensing element, high accuracy, long-term stability Switch multifunction physical quantities:[m/s]、[ft/s]、[Nm3/h]、[Nm/s]、[L/min](Air velocity and ...

eYc THM06 Industrial Grade High Temperature Multi-function Dew Point Transmitter 【Preliminary】

Model : eYc THM06

THM06 has a sturdy outer housing and a wide range of applications. It is also suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions. Capacitive sensor, high accuracy of temperature, and humidity measurement, fast response, fast ...

eYc AFMT Average Flow Measuring Tube ( Pitot tube )

Model : eYc AFMT

Stainless steel housing, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, dust resistance, can measure micro flow rates If connect with eYc micro differential transmitter PHM33 or PMD33 with Multi-function display SD06 or DPM02 is a ...

eYc PHM33 Industrial Grade Differential Pressure Transmitter

Model : eYc PHM33

● Option RS-485 communication interface, Modbus RTU protocol ● Physical switch:mbar / Pa / hPa / kPa / mmH2O / mmWS / inH2O / mmHg ● Square root function The eYc PHM33 differential pressure transmitter is designed on ...

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