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eYc FTS140 Hot Wire Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTS140

Using Mass flow principle A better choice for HVAC engineering Hot wire mass flow transmitter IP rating:IP54 Linear adjustment function Switching analog output by dip switch Off set function by ...

eYc THS130/140 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter for Indoor / Duct type

Model : eYc THS130THS140

● Excellent long-term stable ability ● Cost-effective and accurate measurement ● Outstanding long-term performance ● Voltage or current outputs More potential product articles, welcome to visit the link below

eYc THR23 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter for indoor

Model : eYc THR23

● Measuring temperature and humidity ● Analog outputs and RS-485 ● Optional analogue output+RS-485 ● Quick easy installation and maintenance due to well designed ● Cost-efficient and reliable ● Data can be logged and transferred to PC via RS-485 ...

eYc THR03 Indoor Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

Model : eYc THR03

● Continuously detect temperature and humidity data in indoor air quality ● Quickly real-time data monitoring and LCD display ● MEMS sensor for monitoring, long-term stability, response time quickly of measuring ● Anti-condensation and ...

eYc FTM06T Air / Water Thermal Mass Type Air Velocity and Flow Transmitter

Model : eYc FTM06T

Exhaust gas / Water treatment Best solution of air velocity and flow monitoring Operation buttons to set the diameter range; for measuring flow and velocity Analog / RS-485 / Impulse output, multiple output options Capable of ...

eYc THS30X Series Multifunction Temp. & Humid. Transmitter(Indoor/Duct/Remote/Outdoor)

Model : eYc THS301THS302THS304THS307

●Industrial sensor comes with high accuracy and long-term stability ●Capable of temperature compensation and linear calibration ●2 analog output or Modbus RS-485 ●Optional analog output + RS-485 ●Probe:PC ●Power supply:DC 8 ... 35 V and AC 12 ...

eYc FTM84/85 Industrial Grade High Accuracy Thermal Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTM84FTM85

IP rating:IP67, rugged aluminum case, fit in variety harsh environment Capable of temperature compensation Linear calibration air velocity by computer, analog output or RS-485(Optional) High-speed, high-accuracy ...

eYc THM06 Industrial Accuracy Temp. & Humidity Transmitter

Model : eYc THM06

Adaptation to high Temp. and high humid. conditions or harsh environments such as chemical pollution & condensation IP67, Stainless steel SUS304, Pressure resistance 16 bar 330° rotatable, lightweight, unrestricted installation Optional ...

eYc FTS34/35 Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTS34FTS35

● Linear calibration function ● Switch for physical quantity:[m/s]、[ft/s]、[km/h]、[mph]、[knot] ● Option  RS-485 Communication Interface, Modbus RTU protocol ● Configuration measuring rage, analog output, station number ...

eYc FTS14 Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYcFTS14

● Temperature compensation, linear adjustment function ● Switching analogue output by dip switch ● Off set function by button More potential product articles, welcome to visit the link below

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