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Eccentric Bike Series

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Eccentric Bike Series

Since 1952, people placed two bicycles back to back and joined them by a chain. Using this method to work out with eccentric exercise.

Now we have an easy way to help you to work out with eccentric exercise.

The eccentric bike we developed has a solid and sturdy body and applies a reaction force to the athlete through the motor to allow the athlete to achieve the effect of eccentric exercise.


The exercise mode of the eccentric bike is different from the general fitness bike.

When you work out, you need to control the speed with the revised force.

For the first time using this equipment, users can learn how to use the eccentric bike in Practice mode to ensure that users can use the machine correctly.

Besides, the system itself has two modes, namely, Elderly mode and Sportsman mode. Users can choose the appropriate mode according to their actual situation.

You also can use the Automatic AI mode to evaluate your physical condition, so as to choose the right training intensity.

In addition to eccentric exercise, the eccentric bike can also carry out concentric training. Through the options of the system, users can choose whether to carry out Eccentric training, Centripetal training or Mixed training to improve the richness of training.

To ensure the safety of users, the system will detect whether the running speed of the pedal is too fast in the centrifugal training. When the speed is too fast, it means that the user may not be able to load the current training intensity, the system will stop immediately to avoid the sports injury.

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