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Quick Exhaust Air Valve,3 VDC

Product Name :
Quick Exhaust Air Valve,3 VDC
Model No :
Customized product, Quick exhaust air valve, Low power consumption.
Rated voltage DC3.0V~DC6.0V
Rated resistance 100ohm(25℃)±10%
Rated power consumption 0.360W
Rated use condition Continuous
Rated pressure Max. 300 Hg
Normal pressure 300mm Hg
Rated temperature 0~45℃
Insulation grade A class
Use fluid Air
Leakage DC3.5V supply to solenoid at 300 C.C tank with 300 mm Hg max., the pressure reduction is less than 0.5mm HG/min.
Release speed The inner pressure reduces down to 15mm Hg in 5 seconds (at 300 C.C. tank with 300 mm Hg)
Arm blood pressure manometer, wrist blood pressure manometer

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