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Ziyong was established in May 1981, who was zinc alloy electroplating OEM , zinc alloy electroplating manufacturers , zinc alloy die-casting OEM , zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers , zinc alloy die-casting door locks hardware OEM , zinc alloy door locks hardware plating OEM , zinc alloy plating bathroom accessories hardware OEM , zinc alloy die-casting Bathroom accessories hardware OEM , zinc alloy mold development OEM . The Company is a hardware production factory for metal electroplating surface treatment. From mold design/development→ die-casting→ polishing → electroplating→ brush line → coating, the production process mainly includes electroplating zinc alloy and hardware. Ziyong focuses on customer satisfaction, energy conservation/environmental protection and non-waste manufacturing pursued in the electroplating industry, while increasing productivity and reducing the emission of waste water; mud drying equipment that is energy saving is installed in the plants. Nickel and chromium are recycled for reducing the emission of waste water. Ziyong supports the surface treatment industry and carries out green production based on energy conservation and emission reduction to manufacture the electroplating products that are environmentally friendly. The promotion of 5S activities and ISO 9001 quality policy helps to enhance the competitiveness. Ziyong is a key OEM supplier in Taiwan for leading companies, including Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd. and MOEN Inc. It currently has three plants and the total areas are about 18,350 m2; the employees are totaling 200 people. ...

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Company Name :Ziyong Enterprise CO., LTD
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City :Tainan
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