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Paper Trimmers For Craft

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Paper Trimmers For Craft
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1. Full 12”(32cm) cut length.
2. Lightweight makes it easy to store and transport.
3. A blade storage compartment hold multiple blades.
4. Pivoting guide rail allows for easy positioning of paper.
5. Precision rotary blade cuts up to 10 sheets of paper at a time.
6. English and metric / Metric / Degree measurements.
7. Additional decorative blades available.
8. Easy and safe to replace blade with magnetic blade lid.
1. Cutting length:A4/12”(32cm).

2. Cutting capacity:1.0mm/10sheets.

3. Table dimensions:227mm×320 mm.

4. Product dimensions:437×227×94mm.

5. Weight:0.9kg.

6. Table material:ABS base.

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