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Hydraulic Cone Crushers

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Hydraulic Cone Crushers
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1. Automatic control system:
Fully automatically control system with finger touch monitor to have all aspect control:
(1) Automatically adjusting discharge setting in optimum condition any time.
(2) Multiple automatic safety function to stop machine automatically in case of abnormal cases happen.
(3) Clear display the cause of trouble on monitor in case of trouble occurred.
(4) Up to 10 hrs historical records are traceable.
(5) Taiwan patent No. 122966
2. Hydraulic system with accumulator to provide protection against inscrutable materials.
3. Many alternative eccentric options available from extra fine to extra coarse application in one common mantle.
4. Self-tighten concave and mantle by special designed mechanism.
(1) Taiwan patent No.126951.
(2) Japan patent No. 3046502.
(3) U.S.A. patent No.08/877.17.
(4) China patent No.2L 972 183442.
(5) U.K patent NO.2326358.
5. The inner wall of hydraulic cylinder is coated with hard chromium and followed by grinding to anti-abrasion and avoid oil leakage.
6. Forged spiral bevel gears: used as power transfer mechanism to reduced noise and enhance strength.
1. Model: HCF1000M.
2. Closed side setting (m/m): 20, 23 and 28.
3. Feed size (m/m): 23-80, 25-92 and 30-110.
4. Product size (m/m): 0-31, 0-39 and 0-46.
5. Hurly capacity (T/H): 92-138, 99-148 and 102-154.
6. Power (HP): 125-175.
7. Pulley RPM: 900.

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