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Grizzly Vibrating Feeders

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Grizzly Vibrating Feeders
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1. Designed for constant load feeding and scalping of blasted stone.
2. Easily adjustable feed capacity by variable speed motor.
3. Special designed integrate alloy casting grizzly bar to ensure extreme anti-abrasion and easy replacement and no stuck occurred as conventional grizzly bar.
4. (Taiwan patent: 142131):
(1) Extra ordinary long through length to ensure smooth feeding, especially fit for blasted stone.
(2) Inclined feed plate to ensure smooth feeding of adhesive blasted rock.
(3) Power transferred through flexible universal joint to main shaft instead of conventional pulley with belts to reduce wear and bearing's load to minimum.
5. (Taiwan patent pending):
Advanced connection way of vibrating mechanism with frame to achieve easily dismount of vibrating mechanism and reduction wear between bolts and frame.
6. (Taiwan patent: 140589):
River tighten structure instead of conventional bolt tighten structure.
1. Model: CMVG2265. 2. Dimensions WXL(mm): 2280 x 6500. 3. WXL(mm): 1360 x 905 x 680. 4. Capacity(T/H): 800~1300. 5. C.P.M: 600~900. 6. Power (HP): 100V.S.

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