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AV Amplifiers

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AV Amplifiers
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Audio Frequency Input 5-set MIC input Faceplate Function Main Microphone Control. Main Music control. Music. Auto. Loud. VCD.CLD.DVD.AUX1. AUX2. A/B 2-set speaker output Sound Control Delay. Repeat. Echo. Bass. Treble. Mic1. Mic2. Mic3. Bass. Treble. Balance Image handle 3 in 3 out (synchronous switchover for audio frequency) Both master music and mic volume control (Faceplate and Rear) A/B 2-set speaker output / Sub-woofer Pre-out/REC output / EQ input & output 3.5£r& DIN terminal port / Professional fan auxiliary radiator Full-function remote control, available to receive professional remote control code Dimensions: Width 430m/m x height 150m/mx depth 345m/m
1. Output power(1KHz, 8£[,-3dB): 150W+150W/ 200W+200W.
2. Mic sensitivity/ impedance: 300MV/620£[ DVD.VCD.CLD.AUX1.2].
3. Sensitivity/ impedance: 300MV/22K£[ Mic Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 15Hz,-0/-3dB].
4. Music frequency response: 20Hz ~ 15Hz,-0/-3dB.
5. Video input sensitivity/ impedance: 1vp-p/75hm.
6. Video output sensitivity/ impedance: 1vp-p/75hm
7. Power consumption.

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