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Digit Echo Public-Address Amplifiers (Wireless )

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Digit Echo Public-Address Amplifiers (Wireless )
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ES 2000LVV
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1. The digit echo public-address amplifier is a special-purpose public-address amplifier of singing.
2.The function of the public-address amplifier , let volume be heavy more, several echoes, connect and sing automatically, it is very great to output frequency, automatic volume makes a reservation, the high pitch of the music and bass, Mike's wind high pitch and bass are adjusted respectively .
3. Allocate the powerful heat dissipation fan, protect the electronic part in the public-address amplifier.
4. Enclose the remote controller that the multi-functional public-address amplifier and accompanying video combine but become.
5. The ones that matched you and liked in freedom raise one sound of loudspeakers, guaranteed that the tone quality reappears.
6. Carry ultra large-scale dynamic FVD liquid crystal and show, the visual effect is very beautiful.
7. VHF wireless Mike wind special-purpose public-address amplifier.
8. Sing public-address amplifier and wireless Mike wind receive that aircrew equal to and succeed.
1. The total wave in harmony is distorted: 0.05%. 2. Make an uproar report than: 110db. 3. Output power: 200w+200w (max)1kHz. 4. It is wide frequently: 40Hz-20kHz. 5. Height / bass: ¡À 12 db. 6. Consume the power: 396w/396w. 7. The electricity must be asked: AC110V/60Hz. 8. Input the sensitivity: 300mv. 9. The size of appearance: 430mm is wide / 355mm Shenzhen / 205mm is high.

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