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17mm Metal Shaft Rotary Potentiometers

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17mm Metal Shaft Rotary Potentiometers
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1. Standard type, single unit.
2. Ideal for all types of audio products.
3. Ideal for radio, cassette recorder with radio, amplifier, receiver, etc.
4. 17mm metal shaft rotary potentiometers (with & without switch).
1. Resistance range & tolerance: 1KΩ ~ 1MΩ±20% / 1KΩ ~ 2MΩ& 100KΩ ~ 500Ω±30%.
2. Rotating angle: 260°±10°.
3. Resistance taper: B.
4. Rotational life / switch life: more than 15,000cycles / more than 10,000 cycles.

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