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Two-Way Expansion Type Main Shaft-Head Boring Machines

Model : DW-202

1. Two-way expansion type main shaft-head boring machine. 2. Strict quality control, best performance, superior quality, complete range of models, simple and easy maintenance, long service life, high reliability.

Hollow Shaft Worm Gears

Model : WS-TYPE

1. Worm gear double-shaft. 2. Optional attachment: multiple installations available. 3. Application: power conveyor elevator, garbage processing dryer, packing machinery, auto filling packing machinery, mixer, conveyor.

Hollow Shaft Worm Gears

Model : WM-TYPE

The above can be couple to: 1.DC motor. 2.Single-phase motor. 3.3 phase motor, all motors are based on. 4. Pole design. There is also provision for 90V DC brake.

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