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Seamless Steel Pipes

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Seamless Steel Pipes
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Honing seamless steel pipes produced by undergo cold forcing and annealing for a cured tensile strength reaching over 52kg/cm2, before the pipes are milled by precision machinery, regulating the tolerance in inner diameter at an H8-H9 level, with surface roughness at between Ra 0.2µm~0.8µm, which helps to extend the life cycle of the cylinder, and reduces the wear and tear of the seal. the maximum, inner diameter of the cylinders produced by our factory reaches 1000mm, with maximum buffing reaching ID length 13000mm.

mobiles, lifter, grinding machine, plastics, injecting &die casting machine, wooden working machine, hydraulic sawing machine, punching machine, trailer, jacker and other hydraulic mahines, air compressor.
Standard items:
1. Internal diameter accuracy: H8.
2. Internal roughness: Ra0.2µm~Ra0.8µm.
3. Standard length: 3M~11M.
4. Special length: 12M.
5. Internal diameter: 18mm-300mm.
6. Material: JIS STKM13C, DIN ST52, SAE1020.
7. Other specifications can be made customer request based on.

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