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Automatic Tube Weld 90° Elbows

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Automatic Tube Weld 90° Elbows
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Our firm Gillson already developed a new stainless steel fitting for biotechnological & pharmaceutical industries since 2003. Which call as BPE fitting. The material, dimension, tolerance and surface, quality in accordance with ASME BPE- 2002. (American Society of Mechanical Engineer Bio Processing Equipment –2002). In stead of SFF1 specification, our firm also have SFF4 electro-polished service upon your request.
1. Material grade: 316L, chemical composition is based on DT-3 table with lower sulfur between 0.005%~0.017%.
2. Size: from 1/2" ~ 4".
3. Surface treatment: mechanical polished inner polished SFF1 Ra < 15 uin (0.375 um); outside polished Ra < 32 uin (0.80um).
4. Marking: ASME BPE, material type, heat number, dimension.
5. Packing: end of fitting are covered with PE cap individually.
6. Our firm is PED certificated supplier, PED certification is available upon your request.

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