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Auto Glue Kitchen

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Auto Glue Kitchen
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In this extremely competitive and recommend the environmental protection concept era. The only sure way to improve the profit margin is to maximize efficiency and minimize production waste, and simultaneously to improve the product quality.
However, all the automatic starch kitchens on the market can only make Stein-Hall type carrier starch adhesives. For those corrugators who appreciate the advantages of Non-Carrier starch adhesives and have been using this type of the adhesives for years, an automated starch kitchen is simply not an option. In addition, the human error and the fluctuation in starch properties (e.g., from season, from lot to lot, and from suppliers to suppliers) have resulted in making quality adhesives one of the least robust steps of the production process. In response to the need, we have developed a fully automated starch kitchen.
Through the auto starch kitchen, can reach the following goals for you:
1. Glue quality steadily.
2. Raise the production speed of Corrugator, reduce and consume, raise the efficiency.
3. Grasp the consumption of the material supplies accurately.
4. Reduce the cost of manpower.
5. Manage the production cost effectively.
6. Computer auto control system.
7. Auto feeding, weighting, cleaning and viscosity control.
8. Could use waste water from flexo printing.

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