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3K Carbon Fiber Fabrics

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3K Carbon Fiber Fabrics
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The most commonly used composite fabric, with applications in all areas of industry, from household appliances to robotics and other high-spec industries including aerospace. TEI has the technical know-how to produce 3K carbon in 4 different weave patterns, perfect for every application. Regular weave, Twill, 4HS satin and 8HS satin.
1. Code No.: TI-3101. 2. Style: plain. 3. Width(m/m): 1020. 4. Density(25m/m): (1) Warp: 12.5. (2) Fill: 12.5. 5. Thickness(m/m): 0.2. 6. Weight(g/m2): 200. 7. Roll length(M):100. 8. Please refer to the attachment.

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