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Horizontal Wrap Around Labelers

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Horizontal Wrap Around Labelers
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A. DIY modular assembly---Our machines are designed through a modular assembly concept, allowing for easy repair and maintenance. Our customers do not need extensive training to repair our machines, thanks to the DIY approach to construction.
B. User friendly operating system--requires no special training or advanced skills; all controls may be accessed through the touch screen with the touch of a button.
C. Powerful features to meet production needs-- can be adapted to different application needs, allowing hassle-free and easily customized production runs.
1. Built in operation manual and instructions makes training easy.
2. In case of improper operation, the machine will instruct the operator on how to use the machine properly.
3. Label size is simply input into the control system.
4. Easy and fast adjustments for perfect label position.
5. Automatic stopping at pre-set counter for simple production control.
6. Convenient synchronized speed selections.
7. Low or missing label detection on the reel to prevent mislabeling.
8. Printer speed control on the control system.
9. 30 memory slots to store labeling parameters for future use.
10. For single product conveyor lines, the machine can automatically start labeling when power is restored.
11. The microprocessor control can be upgraded to accommodate other features to meet special needs in the production line.
1. Voltage: 110/220, VAC 50/60 HZ, 1 PHASE. 2. Power: 840 VA. 3. Controls: NETCON touch screen. 4. Dispensing speed: 40 M/MIN MAX. 5. Bottle size: 10-24 mm diameter. 6. Lable size H:150 mm x L:300 mm MAX. 7. Conveyor width: 170 mm. 8. Spool diameter: 46/76 mm. 9. Accessories: hot foil printer.

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