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Automatic Capsule Filling Machines ( Automatic Equipment)

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Automatic Capsule Filling Machines ( Automatic Equipment)
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Firstly the tablets are guided into leading spring tubes via guide rails of a vibratory feeder.They are then fed into capsule bodies through a reciprocating pusher device in a safe and firm manner.
The tablet feeding station can be installed before or after the powder or pellet feeding station.
1. Capacity: up to 20,000 Capsuies per hour. 2. Available size: standard capsule sizes 00#~5#. 3. Power supply: 220/380V,3-phase,50/60Hz. 4. Power consumption: 220V, 12A. 5. Main drive: 1Hp. 3.6A. 6. Auger drive: 1/4 Hp. 1.2A . 7. Vacuum pump: 2Hp. 6.7A . 8. Dimensions (WxDxH): 810mmx880mmx1970mm. 9. Weight: 750Kgs.approx. 10. Export packing (WxDxH): 1620mmx1160mmx2150mm.

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